Detecting Art Forgery with Raman Spectroscopy

Duration: 1:11:40 | 19 November 2014
Prof Robin Clark

Prof Clark's lecture referenced research published from UCL over the past decade or more, notably on papyri, medieval maps, postage stamps, and paintings originally supposed to be by Vermeer, Ingles, Goncharova and Chagall as well as on archaeological artefacts.

About the speaker

Prof Robin Clark CNZM FRS is Sir William Ramsay Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at UCL. His major contributions to Raman and resonance Raman spectroscopy include pioneering the application of these and other techniques to the characterisation of pigments in artwork and archaeological artefacts, and the identification of forgeries.

His many international awards include the inaugural Franklin-Lavoisier Prize of the Maison de la Chimie (Paris) and Chemical Heritage Foundation (Philadelphia). He has also served on the Councils of the Royal Society, Royal Institution (Secretary for six years) and UCL.

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