Kick-off triumph for Yorkshire and the Humber

This item first appeared in 2008

SCI's Yorkshire and the Humber regional Group has been launched with an inspiring, well-attended lecture and a highly successful networking event

On 10 April 2008, at the Leeds Marriott Hotel, the SCI Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Group held its inaugural committee meeting. It welcomed a large and diverse group of participants to join in SCI’s aim of spreading the application and knowledge of science to all members across the UK. The Yorkshire and the Humber area has traditionally been strong in the field of industrial chemistry. Although this has declined, along with much of the chemical production elsewhere in the UK, there are still a large number of specialists operating in the area, which the Group has already pinpointed as a target area for growth.

The committee meeting was a great success, resulting in the appointment of a new Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. In addition, three sub-committees, covering awards, scholarships and professional development, and events programme, were filled by enthusiastic volunteers. The aims and roles of these sub-committees were also defined at this meeting. Special thanks must go to Mr Peter Reineck for the hard work he put into preparing and organising the meeting. Peter’s future role as the lead on the Yorkshire and the Humber awards sub-committee ensures that he will remain an integral part of this Group.

Professor Rob Smith, newly appointed Chairman of the Group and Dean of Applied Sciences at the University of Huddersfield, expressed delight with the new committee and their great energy and commitment to the success of the Group’s future activities.

The buzz from the committee meeting set the Group up for an interesting lecture from Professor Kevin Roberts, Brotherton Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of Research in the School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering at the University of Leeds.

Professor Roberts’ research work is in crystal science and engineering, directed to meeting the needs of the pharmaceutical, speciality, fine chemical and nutritional products sectors. The lecture — ‘Science-based processing for advanced chemicals manufacturing’ — related to the challenges faced by the UK from the increasing competition of developing economies, notably the Asia-Pacific region. Prof Roberts focused on the commercial development and manufacture of molecules, and how sciencebased methodologies, such as molecular design and in-process analysis, can effectively maintain the economic strength of the UK’s speciality and fine chemical sectors. This opening lecture of the Yorkshire and the Humber calendar fascinated the audience of scientists, academics, industry workers and other interested individuals, at all levels of their careers. The lecture was followed by a wine reception at the hotel, where members from all over the region met and networked, encapsulating the SCI mantra of ‘where science meets business’. Future events within the region are being planned and will be advertised on the SCI website. Do watch out for them, because if they are as good as this last event, they are not be missed!

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