SCI Yorkshire and the Humber Group Public Lecture 2014

12 Feb 2015

On a cold, dark and foggy December night in Huddersfield, the Yorkshire and the Humber SCI committee hosted an enlightening lecture by Dr Paul Elliott from the University of Huddersfield around the ability of ligand chemistry to allow for manipulating the optical properties of metal complexes.

Prior to the lecture, Prof. Joe Sweeney, chair of the Yorkshire and Humber regional group, presented two awards to valuable members of the chemical engineering community in Yorkshire. Miranda Stephenson was presented with an award to celebrate her commitment to creative and innovative teaching and to engaging young students with Chemistry throughout her career as a science teacher in York. Prof. Sweeney highlighted how inspirational her work with young scholars has been over the years and how the excellent initiatives she led at the National Science Learning Centre have benefited the chemical industry. Prof. John Blacker was also awarded a prize for his research efforts at the University of Leeds in the area of catalytic processes for the manufacture of complex organic chemicals. This is a prize awarded for the application of chemistry to enable and support sustainable industrial development in the Yorkshire and Humber region, which is one of the key aims of the Institute of Process and Research Development led by Prof. Blacker.

The lecture entitled 'Illuminating Chemistry: the Molecular Manipulation of Light' from Dr Elliott followed. In his presentation, Dr Elliott introduced in simple terms the importance of choosing the right chemical structure for ligand-metal complexes to optimise the optical response of the system. He demonstrated a broad range of ligand chemistries recently explored by his research group and the striking consequences on the beautiful colours and light intensities emitted by the developed systems.

Dr Olivier Cayre

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