Barry Rossell: Lipids Group

30 Apr 2015

Dr J Barry Rossell, is a long standing member of SCI and has been a member of the Lipids Group committee for a substantial part of this.

Dr Rossell was born in Nottingham England in 1938 and quickly developed an interest in chemistry. He graduated from Imperial College London in 1960, and gained his Doctor's degree from Trinity College, Oxford, in 1962 where he studied the kinetics of chemical reactions with Professor C N Hinshelwood. He then moved to Hamburg where he had a Margarine-Union fellowship.

Dr Rossell's interest in fats was stimulated by this experience, and led to his subsequent career with Unilever Research Laboratory, with Unilever Patents Department and as Product Development Manager with Loders and Nucoline Ltd, where he worked on the optimisation of fats for use in the food industry.

In 1980 Dr Rossell moved to the Leatherhead Food RA, where he managed the Oils and Fats Section. Activities included studies of the influence of processing on the physical and chemical characteristics of oils, the oxidative stabilities of oils, and the development of improved analytical methods of analysis for oils and fats. A major 20 year duration project was a study of the purity characteristics of all major vegetable oils, work which developed from the close association between the Food RA, and the Federation of Oils Fats and Seeds Associations Ltd - FOSFA International. The results developed in this project became the basis of authenticity criteria in the worldwide standards of the Codex Alimentarius. Whilst at the Food RA, Dr Rossell was the main technical consultant to FOSFA International.

Dr Rossell was also vice chairman of the BSI Oils and Fats committee and led several BSI delegations to ISO meetings.

Dr Rossell is now retired and lives in Bournemouth England. He is married with 2 children. His hobbies include cycling, rowing, walking and ornithology.

If you want to find out more about Dr Rossell or get in touch with him, you can contact him via the Members’ Directory (you will need to sign in to view). If you need help searching the directory please click on the how-to guide.

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