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Cambridge, 6-11 July 2008

Ion exchange is one of the basic separation and purification technologies of modern industry. The SCI IEX Conferences began in 1954 and have been established as one of the major international conferences for the ion exchange community. These unique IEX meetings provide the opportunity, every four years, for the ion exchange manufacturing and service companies, end user and researchers to present papers on all aspects of the theory and practice of ion exchange and adsorbents and to discuss current practice and future industrial developments.


Wednesday 9 July

10.00 Plenary Lecture
Ion Exchange for Water Treatment: Challenges, Solutions and Developments (pdf 800Kb)
Wolfgang H. Höll (Germany)
High Purity Water for Condensate Polishing
Wednesday Session A
11.00 An Updated Review of Ion Exchange Fouling Mechanisms
Gary L. Foutch, Allen Apblett, Ashwini Pandey (USA)
11.30 The Effects of Fouled Anion Resin on Condensate Polishing Plant Performance at Dungeness B Power Station during a Start Up
Chris Bates (UK)
12.00 EPRI Resin Tester Field Trials at Bruce Mansfield Plant
Frances M. Cutler, J. Mathews, Kevin J. Shields, George J. Verib (USA)
12.30 Development of Ion Exchange Resins with Ultra Low Residuals for Condensate Polishing Applications (pdf 500Kb)
Peter A. Yarnell (USA)
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Condensate Polishing Plant with Separate Beds Exceeds all Expectations (pdf 550Kb)
Karol Daucik (Denmark)
14.30 The Unique Application of a Separate Bed Condensate Polishing System (TRIPOL) in a 400 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant – The Huntly Power Station Experience
David Addison (New Zealand), Les Lloyd (Australia)
15.00 The Future Application of Ion Exchange to Electric Power Generation Systems (pdf 1Mb)
Richard Harries (UK)
15.30 Refreshments
Industrial Water
Wednesday Session A
16.00 Practical Control of Commercial Water Treatment Plants
Gordon Harris (UK)
16.30 Removal of Arsenic and Iron Traces from Dilute Hydrofluoric Acid by Ion Exchange
I. Fernández-Olmo, J.L. Fernández, A. Irabien (Spain)
17.00 Non-Equilibrium Adsorption Modeling for Boron Removal from Geothermal Water using Seeded Microfiltration System
Idil Yilmaz-Ipek, Nalan Kabay, Ahmet R. Özdural (Turkey)
Wednesday Session B
11.00 Advances and Perspectives of Ion Size Exclusion in Preparative Separations of Mineral Electrolytes
M.P. Tsyurupa, Z.K. Blinnikova, L.A. Pavlova, V.A. Davankov (Russia)
11.30 Theory of Multicomponent Frontal Chromatography & Surface Complexation Theory for Multi-Ionic Equilibria in Ion Exchangers (pdf 2.7Mb)
A. Kalinitchev (Russia), Wolfgang.H. Höll (Germany)
12.00 Kinetics of Multi-Component Ion Exchange on Complexing Ampholyte
Maxim L. Cherny, Vladimir N. Rychkov (Russia)
12.30 Kinetic and Equilibrium Modeling of Pb (II) and Co (II) Sorption onto Rose Waste Biomass
Haq Nawaz Bhatti, Muhammad Abdullah Javed, Muhammad Asif Hanif (Pakistan)
14.00 The Hála Constraint in the Wilson Model – is it valid and/or useful for Ion Exchange Equilibria?
(pdf 600Kb) John L. Provis, David C. Shallcross (Australia)
14.30 Chemical Equilibria Between the Ion Exchanger and Gas Phase (pdf 200Kb)
V.S. Soldatov, E.H. Kosandrovich (Belarus)
15.00 Variation of Selectivity Coefficients: Impact on Sorption in Column
Frédéric Gressier, Jan Van Der Lee, Hélène Schneider, Martin Bachet (France)
15.30 The Development and Application of Condensate Polishing in ESB (pdf 900Kb)
Patrick Colman, Michael Sadler, Power Generation, Republic of Ireland
Wednesday Session B
16.00 Extraction and Back-Extraction of Cesium Picrates with the 1,3 bis-benzo-crown- 6-calix[4]arene using Membrane Contactors (pdf 500Kb)
D. Trebouet, Z. Albaraka, M. Burgard (France)
16.30 Effect of Volumetric Variations during Conditioning on Proton Diffusion through Cation Exchange Membranes
M. Uresandi, J. Parrondo, F. Mijangos (Spain)
17.00 Fuel Cell Electrode Assemblies with Preconditioning Ion Exchange Membranes
J. Parrondo, A. Barrio, F. Mijangos, J.I Lombraña (Spain)

Thursday 10 July

Thursday Session A
09.00 Recent Ion Exchange Applications in the United States Nuclear Industry
Dennis Hussey, Keith Fruzzetti (USA)
09.30 Latest Operating Experience with Macroporous Resins in the Nuclear Industry (pdf 80Kb)
Terry Heller, Don Adam (USA)
10.00 Removal of Radionuclides by Ion Exchange Resins in Relation with their Aqueous Speciation: Example of French PWR Shutdown Chemistry (pdf 500Kb)
Martin Bachet, Frédéric Gressier, Hélène Schneider (France)
10.30 The Formation and Filtration Characteristics of Colloidal Corrosion Product Species within Spent Fuel Cooling Ponds
R. Burrows, D. A. Targett (UK)
11.30 Caesium Removal on the CVCS Mixed Beds in PWR Primary Circuits
Chris Bates (UK)
12.00 Inactive Column Studies of Duolite ARC-9359
M. Garrould, R. Burrows (UK)
Thursday Session A
14.00 Reprocessing of Iron-Contaminated Trivalent Chromium Passivation Bath by Ion Exchange: Study of the Regeneration Conditions
I. Fernández-Olmo, A. Ortiz, A.Urtiaga, I. Ortiz (Spain)
14.30 Synthesis and Application of Manganese Dioxide Coated Magnetite for Selective Removal of Trace Contaminants from Water (pdf 600Kb)
Carla Calderon Rosas, Silke Holzinger, Wolfgang H. Höll (Germany)
15.00 Biosorption of Pb2+ Ions from Aqueous Solution onto the Husk of Vigna mungo: Equilibrium, Kinetics and Desorption Studies
Asma Saeed, Wolfgang H. Höll (Germany)
Potable Water
Thursday Session A
16.00 Hybrid Ion Exchanger (hix): Characterization and Application as a Selective Sorbent and Sensor in Water Treatment
Arup Sengupta, P.C.Rossin (UK)
16.30 Innovative Ion Exchange Technology for the Removal of Nitrate from Drinking Water
David Spurr, Peter Brewer (UK)
17.00 Properties and use of Two Iron Hydroxide Impregnated Anion Exchange Resins for Arsenic Removal (pdf 4Mb)
Paul Sylvester, Teresia Möller (USA)
Thursday Session B
09.00 The Development and Commercialisation of Ion Exchange Applications in Hydrometallurgy
Richard Shaw, Stuart Arnold, Lachlan MacDonald (Australia)
09.30 Separation and Immobilization of Strontium Ions from Alkaline Earth Metal Ions
Yu Komatsu, Junji Noro, Yuichi Michiue, Hitoshi Kodamatani, Yujiro Watanabe, Shigekazu Tsurubou (Japan)
10.00 The Applications of Ion Exchange Resins for Uranium Recovery from Various Solutions
Vladimir N. Rychkov, Alexey L. Smirnov (Russia)
10.30 Influence of pH and using Different Ion Exchangers on the Production of Struvite from Supersaturated Solution
A. Celaya, M. Ortueta, F. Mijangos, D. Muraviev (Spain)
Resin Developments
Thursday Session B
11.30 Novel Bipolar Resins. Synthesis and their Retention Properties of Inorganic Salts (pdf 300Kb)
Violeta Neagu, Cornelia Luca, Silvia Vasiliu (Romania)
12.00 Polymeric Ion Exchangers based on Styrene-Divinylbenzene Matrix. Textural and Structural Modifications after Grafting Different Functional Groups (pdf 6Mb)
Corina Bohdana, Dana Cantea, Eugen Pincovschi, Ana Maria S. Oancea (Romania), James A. Dale (UK)
12.30 Enhanced Acidic and Catalytic Properties of Modified Polystyrene Sulfonic Acid Resins (pdf 2Mb)
D. R. Brown, P. F. Siril (UK)
14.00 New Resins Development: Crosslinked Analogues of Ionic Liquids (pdf 200Kb)
Andrzej W. Trochimczuk, Przemysław T. Papierz, Sylwia Ronka (Poland)
14.30 Metal Recovery with Fibrous Scavengers
Pasi Kauppinen (Finland), Kevin Gwilliam (UK)
15.00 A New Type Boron Selective Ion Exchange Resin: Monodisperse-Porous Particles with Molecular Brushes via “Click Chemistry”
N.Kabay, E.Orhan, M.Arda, A.Tuncel (Turkey)
16.00 Stabilization of Zero Valent Nanoparticles onto Macroporous Polymeric Sorbents for Removal of Anionic Contaminants
E.Garcia, J.L Cortina, A Farran, J de Pablo, V. Marti (Spain)
16.30 Intermatrix Ion-Exchange Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles for Electrochemical Applications
Dmitri N. Muraviev, Patricia Ruiz, Maria Muñoz (Spain)
17.00 Sugar Syrup Decolorisation using a Continuous Fluidised Bed Ion Exchange Process (pdf 900Kb)
Thomas Dahlke, Steve Staunton, Michael O’Shea (Australia)

Friday 11 July

Potable Water
Friday Session A
09.00 Removal of Natural Uranium from Groundwater by Means of Weakly Basic Anion Exchangers (pdf 600Kb)
Marcel Riegel, Wolfgang W. Höll (Germany)
09.30 Application of Ion Exchange-Membrane Filtration Hybrid Process for Boron Removal from Water
Nalan Kabay, Idil Yilmaz-Ipek, Mithat Yuksel (Turkey), Marek Bryjak, Marcin Makowski, Iwona Soroko (Poland)
Friday Session A
10.00 Ion Exchange in Biodiesel Production (pdf 400Kb)
Terrence Heller (USA)
10.30 Ion Exchange Purification of Glycerine from Biodiesel Production (pdf 1Mb)
Manuel Carmona, Angel Perez; Antonio de Lucas, Juan Francisco Rodríguez (Spain)
Resin Developments
Friday Session B
09.00 Silica Removal from Natural Waters on a New Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Ion Exchanger (pdf 400Kb)
Carmen Iesan, Ana Maria S. Oancea (Romania), Francis Boodoo (USA), James A. Dale (UK)
09.30 Anion Exchanger Stationary Phases With Molecular Brushes for Protein Separation By Ion-Exchange Chromatography
Aslıhan Bayraktar, Ender Ünsal, Ali Tuncel (Turkey)
10.00 Behaviour of Crosslinked Polyallyamine Resin PAA in uptake of Inorganic Anions (pdf 600Kb)
Akinori Jyo, Md. Rabiul Awual, Kaori Kobayashi (Japan)
10.30 Effect of Ionizable Group Content on the Electrochromatographic Performance of New Polyethylene Glycol Based Capillary Monoliths
Arda Yurtsever, Çiğdem Gölgelioğlu, Ali Tuncel (Turkey)
Inorganic Materials
Friday Session A/B
11.30 Basic Ion-Exchange Study of Hydroxyapatite and Hydroxyapatite/Collagen Composite
Noriko Suzuki, Ayako Shimoyama, Yasushi Kanzaki (Japan)
12.00 Evaluation of Apatite 11 as Reactive Material for in-situ Passive Metal Removal
J Oliva, J.L Cortina, J. de Pablo, J.Cama, C. Ayora (Spain)

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