IEX2016 - Session Overview: Bioprocessing

8 Mar 2016

The Bioprocessing session is part of IEX2016, held at Robinson College, University of Cambridge, UK, Wednesday 6 - Friday 8 July 2016. A day-pass is available for participants wishing to attend the Bioprocessing session only, which will be held on Thursday 7 July. To register, please click the link below.

This session aims to look at ion exchange purification challenges and solutions within the biopharmaceutical and food industry. The vast majority of therapeutic bioproduct quality attributes and impurities are associated with host cell line and the upstream manufacturing processes. These include but are not limited to aggregates, charge variants, host cell DNA, endotoxins, host cell protein and endogenous viruses. Industrial and academic speakers will highlight the important role of cation exchange, anion exchange and mixed-mode separations addressing industrial bioseparation problems. With the maturation of the biotech industry and growing production requirements and cost pressures for biopharmaceuticals, there is increasing focus on lowering costs and improving productivity of current and future manufacturing processes. Significant improvements in upstream productivity have been achieved through high productivity cell lines, growth media optimisation and high throughput bioreactor design e.g. perfusion bioreactors. Creative solutions to prevent downstream processing from becoming the bottleneck are increasingly being sought.

There are still opportunities to present a poster at the Bioprocessing session. Please submit short abstract to


  • Andy Masters, GE Healthcare - Multimodal ion exchange chromatography
  • Egbert Muller, Tosoh Bioscience - Aggregate removal in industrial monoclonal antibody processing
  • Andrea Stein, Merck - Capture of recombinant antibody fragments using a salt tolerant resin
  • Hans Johansson, Purolite - Design of an agarose based resin platform for purification of biomolecules
  • Daniel Bracewell, University College London - Nanofibres in bioprocessing: a single-use chromatography format by the use of rapid cycling
  • Jari Heinonen, Lapeenranta University - Chromatographic purification of alkyl glucopyranosides
  • Roger-Marc Nicoud, Ypso-Facto - Multi-column chromatographic processes for purifying monosaccharides
  • Simona Serban, Purolite - Immobilized lipases for use in industrial biocatalysis: the importance of enzyme carrier.
  • Goran Vladisavljevic, Loughborough University - Microencapsulation using glass microcapillary devices of clostridium difficile specific bacteriophages for pH triggered release
  • Paula Jauregi, University of Reading - Bioseparation strategies for food applications based on ion exchange

EXHIBITION - An exhibition will run alongside the main conference during refreshment breaks, for companies and related organisations who may wish to exhibit.

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