Governance Update November 2016

Good governance of any organisation is essential, especially at a charity like SCI. The optimal organisational structures, processes and relationships must be in place to ensure that SCI has a secure future and delivers value for its members and other stakeholders. In July, the Board agreed to undertake a full Governance Review, which is now underway.

Some key principles have been adopted to ensure a rational and congruent outcome to the review: ‘top down’ guidance, 'bottom-up’ contributions by those currently involved in leadership roles in various aspects of governance, and an external benchmarking element.

A number of objectives are being addressed to develop a fit-for-purpose governance structure for SCI:

  • Ensure alignment of SCI objectives, strategy and follow-through.
  • Connect and integrate governance bodies with society activities and people in key roles.
  • Eliminate overlaps and gaps in remits.
  • Populate committees with individuals with appropriate competences, capabilities and commitment.
  • Improve awareness of scope of committees and roles of members.
  • Facilitate engagement with SCI members and stakeholder community.
  • Implement an efficient and effective performance and delivery monitoring process, to ensure good ideas and intentions are realised in practice to deliver value for SCI.

The Governance Review will address the ‘who’ (composition), ‘what’ (terms of reference) and ‘how’ (modus operandi) of the governance organisation. Any changes agreed will be implemented at the 2017 AGM where at all possible. In some areas, there may be a plan to reach the desired outcomes on a longer timescale. In any case, a culture of monitoring and continuous improvement of SCI’s governance will be adopted. 

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