Goodbye to Regina Presser

07 November 2016

SCI regretfully announces the passing of Miss Regina Presser, who had been a member since March 1951, participating in the London Regional Group, the Construction Materials and the Materials Chemistry Interest Groups. She was a much valued Life Member of SCI, having a fascinating past and achieving a successful career as a senior scientist.

She was born in born in Vienna, Austria, in 1921 to parents of Polish-Jewish origin who had escaped pogroms. Later, during the Holocaust, she managed to get a visa to leave the country and take on domestic work in Birmingham, England, where she recalled the people as being ‘generally kind and understanding’. She was joined six months later by her mother and sister and all three undertook war work, with Miss Presser finding a career in the British aircraft industry, eventually rising to chief metallurgist and chief chemist.

After the war, she moved to London, continuing her career and joining SCI.

SCI will miss Regina Sing’s contribution to science and our society. Our thoughts are with her family at this sad time.

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