27 January 2016


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CPD logo27 Jan 2016

SCI is pleased to announce that it has become a CPD (Continuing professional development) Standards Accredited Centre. This means that SCI members can now gain CPD points by attending eligible SCI conferences.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is the intentional maintenance and development of the knowledge and skills needed to perform in a professional context. This could mean honing current skills, developing them to a new level, or learning entirely new ones, that will allow for an employee’s job role to expand or prepare them for potential promotion. Many companies and organisations now prioritise CPD activities and certification because they ensure a constantly progressing workforce.

CPD training can range from formal educational activities such as instructor-led courses, workshops, seminars or e-learning programmes, to more informal approaches such as work-based learning and mentoring or conferences.

Previously, only a small number of events organised by SCI received individual CPD accreditation, such as last year’s Lipids and Health: Risk, Reward and Revelation two-day conference, as well as New Approaches in Medicinal Chemistry which took place on Wednesday 27 January 2016.

Thanks to SCI becoming an accredited CPD centre, it is anticipated that over 30 CPD accredited courses will be offered to members in 2016, amongst others What a Chemist Needs to Know About Patents 2016 on 25 April 2016 and the highly anticipated IEX 2016 conference on 6 - 8 July 2016.

This CPD centre accreditation recognises SCI’s significant and ongoing activity in organising and offering events with a training and development focus.

For further information please enquire to conferences@soci.org.

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