Review of 134th SCI AGM

9 Jul 2015

Dr Jack Melling, Chair of the Board of Trustees, commenced the programme by presenting the Distinguished Service Awards to Mr Andy Kerridge, Dr James Nairne and Dr Karl Swift.

Presentations were then given by two of the three graduating SCI scholars; Moni Gupta presented her work on ‘bioorgthogonal chemistry’, James Murray gave an overview of his project on the development of small molecule kinase mimetics and SCI sponsored Daphne Jackson Fellow Dr Ruramayi Nzuma-Mswaka discussed the development of a novel phage display-immunomagnetic separation method for Campylobacter jejuni.

The retiring honorary president Paul Booth OBE (2012-2015) gave a short speech emphasising the importance of imagination, creativity and determination in the progression of scientific discovery and the significance of making connections within the scientific community to ensure the ongoing success of SCI in the years to come. This was followed by the inauguration of SCI’s new Hon. President, Neil Carson, who is also the joint Chairman alongside the Minister of State for Business and Energy for the Chemistry Growth Partnership.

SCI’s new Executive Director, Sharon Todd, then introduced herself formally prior to the AGM.

Elections were held for the positions of Chair of the Board of Trustees, and ordinary Board of Trustees members. The results were as follows:
  • Chair of the Board of Trustees - Dr Alan Baylis
  • Ordinary Member of the Board of Trustees - Mrs Diane Brown, Dr Mark Harrison, Prof K Clive Thompson and Dr Peter Hambleton

The AGM also noted the unopposed election of the following candidates:

  • Ordinary Members of the Financial and Investment Advisory Committee - Dr Len Copping, Dr John Farmer, Dr Peter Hambleton, Mr Patrick Kitt, Mr Julian Perfect and Dr Anthony Wragg
  • Chair of the Membership Affairs Committee - Dr Len Copping
  • Ordinary Members of the Membership Affairs Committee - Dr Oliver Choroba, Mr Martin Elliott, Dr David Evans, Dr Mary Nnankya, Dr Fred Parrett and Mr Peter Reineck
  • Ordinary Members of the Publications Advisory Committee - Dr Gabriel Okafor and Prof Andrew Waterhouse

All other AGM resolutions were passed.

The incoming Chair of the Board of Trustees, Dr Alan Baylis, thanked Dr Jack Melling for his six years of service as Chair.

Alan also explained that as a crop physiologist, he looks forward to working with all SCI members and stakeholders to increase value and bring together science and business in the unique, multidisciplinary setting offered by SCI.

In total 66 members attended the AGM.

Please Note that the 135th AGM will be held on Wednesday 6 July 2016.

Jack Hollywood
SCI work experience student

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