Macro2010 - the 43rd IUPAC World Polymer Congress

'Macro2010' - the 43rd IUPAC World Polymer Congress ran from 11-16 July 2010 at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, Glasgow, UK. It is the largest international multi-symposium conference dedicated to all aspects of polymer science and engineering and formed the latest of the biennial IUPAC Polymer Division meetings.

This year the focus fell on 'Polymer Science in the Service of Society'. The international research communities progressing use of polymeric materials in diverse societal areas was reflected in the breadth of programme themes, which included: Delivering New Polymers for Service in Society, Molecular to Macroscopic Behaviour of Polymers, Sustainability: Renewable Resources and Environmentally - Friendly Polymers, Polymers in Support of Life, Functional Polymers for Electronics, Energy and Analysis, Polymer Science in Everyday Life, Advances in Colloidal and Nanosize Polymer Materials and a Young Polymer Scientists Symposium.

In addition to the various parallel programme sessions, plenary lectures from leading international polymer scientists were held in the 3000-seat Clyde Auditorium and included Prof Jean Fréchet, University of Berkeley; Prof Ming Jiang, Fudan University, China; Prof Laura Kiessling, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Prof Kiyohito Koyana, Yamagata University; Prof Ludwik Liebler, ESPCI, CNRS, France; and Prof Sir Richard Friend, University of Cambridge.

Poster sessions covered afternoon and evening times daily and were accompanied by alcoholic refreshments. The welcoming atmosphere provided an excellent opportunity for post doctoral researchers and PhD students to showcase their research in a relaxed and well-attended environment.

Prof Dave Haddleton and Tony RyanAs always, key awards from Macro Group UK played a central role in celebrating the success, contribution and promise of polymer scientists. Prof Craig Hawker, UCSB, USA (pictured, top), received the Medal for Outstanding Achievement, Prof Tony Ryan, University of Sheffield (pictured, next), received the Macro Group UK medal and Dr Andrew Dove, University of Warwick (pictured, below), received the Young Researchers Medal. Pictures are shown below of the recipients accepting their awards from the Prof Dave Haddleton, University of Warwick (pictured, giving the awards) who recently handed his position as Chairman of Macro Group UK to Prof Steve Howdle, University of Nottingham, after three years service.

Prof Dave Haddleton and Dr Andrew DoveIn addition to the busy scientific programme there was plenty of opportunity to sample regional traditional entertainment. One evening, Òran Mór, a beautiful converted church in Glasgow's west end hosted a traditional Scottish ceilidh, organised by In2Scotland. Overall the congress provided an excellent meeting place for international polymer researchers and the quality of the presentations and discussion undoubtedly emphasised the vibrancy and contribution of polymer science to global society and will ensure the future of this event continues propagating.

Macro2010 was hosted by the Pure and Applied Macromolecular Chemistry Group (Macro Group UK), a joint interest group of the RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) and SCI and organised by the RSC.

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