Pitching your ideas workshop

One of the great strengths of SCI events is the focus on topics important to industry, delivered by experts. Following a suggestion at a previous Liverpool & Northwest event to help scientists and engineers in selling technology ideas, a free workshop on this theme was organised.

The workshop was held in conjunction with Chemicals Northwest and the Royal Society of Chemistry at the Liverpool Innovation Park and was delivered by Will Sudworth of InspiringOutcomes. Attendees were from a wide variety of backgrounds, but with a common desire to improve their pitching skills.

Will Sudworth has spent many years coaching senior managers at AstraZeneca who have to make business decisions based on ‘pitches’ from science teams. Will focussed on the ‘elevator pitch’ – the two minute selling of your idea that leads to proposals becoming reality. The idea is you never know when you might bump into the right person to progress your idea and you only get the two-minute elevator ride with them. He also talked through preparation, focussing on fulfilling a need, and how to allay the recipient’s fears. The personality of the recipient: how to recognise it and how to respond to it, was then covered. The room contained a full range of characters and all had the opportunity to try a pitch out on a different personality before finishing. The time flew by thanks to Will’s participative and interactive workshop style, and everyone left with more confidence, more tools and, as with all SCI events, several new contacts. The Liverpool and North West committee thank Will Sudworth for running an excellent workshop. For more information on InspiringOutcomes please visit: www.inspiringoutcomes.com

Mike Pitts
Liverpool & Northwest Regional Group

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