Renewable hydrogen: route to decarbonisation

02 June 2020 | Muriel Cozier

Renewable hydrogen will keep Europe on track to a ‘faster and job-rich energy transition.’

A number of European energy companies have joined forces calling upon the European Commission to prioritise renewable hydrogen as a route to decarbonising Europe.

In an open letter to Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, the leaders of 10 energy businesses said ‘Europe needs of prioritise the most efficient, sustainable and cost effective pathways to decarbonise its economy and create jobs. The decarbonisation of the power sector through greater use of renewable energy coupled with electrification of the rest of the energy system and energy efficiency will drive the clean transition.’

The companies have come together under the ‘Choose Renewable Hydrogen’ campaign, with the group stating ‘There are energy uses that could be too expensive to fully electrify or have other technical challenges. These are the so-called ‘hard-to-abate’ sectors such as chemicals, heavy industry, long haul heavy-duty road transport, aviation and shipping. Renewable hydrogen will be the best future-proof pathway for their-full decarbonisation and to walking the last mile towards achieving climate neutrality by 2050.’

The letter to the European Commission continues ‘Hydrogen produced via electrolysis powered by 100% renewable electricity has zero greenhouse gas emissions. When made in Europe it reduces the EU’s energy dependence from third countries and when produced by grid connected renewables it offers a real form of sector coupling between the power sector and the other economic sectors. Investment in renewable hydrogen has great potential in terms of jobs and growth creation.’

During the first quarter of 2020 the European Commission announced that it was to establish a Clean Hydrogen Alliance, bringing together investors, governmental, institutional and industrial partners. The Alliance is part of the new European Industrial Strategy, which is aimed at helping European industry lead the transition to ‘climate neutrality and digital leadership.’

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