Flame Retardant Textiles/Textile Composites: Legislative Landscape, EU vs Member States

16 Sep 2013

The Fire and Materials Group will be holding its next meeting on 14-15 October 2013 at the Holiday Inn, Bolton.

Held in conjunction with the EU COST MP1105 FLARETEX Standardisation Meeting, this two-day event will explore the legislative landscape surrounding flame-retardant textiles.

Fire Safety Standards provide state of the art specifications for products, services and good practice, helping to make industry more efficient and effective. ISO Standards (International Organisation for Standardisation) were developed through global consensus in order to help break down barriers to international trade.

However, not all legislation which governs the fire safety regulations within a country are covered by ISO; most countries have additional regulations which are relevant to their own particular requirements where an ISO standard is not available. Experts will provide an up-to-date overview of current legislation with respect to use and testing of flame retardant textiles/textile composites in Europe, Turkey and the USA.

Areas of application include furnishings and transport (automotive, rail and shipping) and toxicity standards will be discussed as well as the views from industry.

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