Electrochem '08 Conference Papers

Papers from the electrochemistry conference held in Liverpool on 15 - 17 September 2008

This meeting covered all fundamental and applied aspects of modern electrochemistry, with a special emphasis on electrochemistry on the nanoscale. The meeting was aimed at academic and industrial practitioners of electrochemistry in its widest sense, spanning materials chemistry, nanoscale science, sensing, and electrochemical engineering.

Monday 15 September
13.30   Faraday Medal Plenary Lecture Nate Lewis, Caltech
14.30   Chips and Gravy. The Development of Engineered Electrochemical Systems for Biomolecular Detection Damien Arrigan, Tyndall National Institute
15.00   Synthetic Molecular Motors and Machines David Leigh, University of Edinburgh
New Developments in Electrochemistry (Mon) - Lecture Theatre A
16.00   Boronic Acid Facilitated Electroanalytical Detection of a-Hydroxy-Carboxylates at a Liquid- Liquid-Solid Three-Phase Boundary Electrode Najoua Katif
16.20   The Application of X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy to the Study of Electrochemical Intermediates Richard Wiltshire
16.40   High Resolution Imaging of the Activity of Electrode Surfaces using a Novel Micropipette Approach Pat Unwin
17.00   A Dramatic Effect of Ambient Water on the Single Molecule Conductance of some a, w-bis(thiaalkyl) Oligothiophenes (pdf 800Kb) Simon Higgins
17.20   Electrochemistry - Changing the Face of Variable Optics Alexei Kornyshev
17.40   Partial Charge Transfer of Latex Particles Jingyuan Chen
Electrochemical Sensors (Mon) - Lecture Theatre B
16.00   Fabrication, Characterization and Application of a Glucose Biosensor Based on a Screen- Printed Carbon Electrode Incorporating Insoluble Meldola's Blue and Glucose Dehydrogenase (pdf 200Kb) Martina Piano
16.20   A Novel Automated Electrochemical System Based on a Screen-Printed, Amperometric Biosensor Array for the Simultaneous Determination of Organophosphate Pesticides in Environmental Samples Adrian Crew
16.40   Disposable Polymer Flow Cells with Screen Printed Electrodes for Voltammetric and Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) Applications (pdf 2.6Mb) Zainab Mohammed Redha
17.00   Conducting Polymer-Catalytic MIP Hybrid Sensor for Electrochemical Detection of Catechol Derivatives (pdf 840Kb) Dhana Lakshmi
17.20   Enzyme-Amplified Amperometric DNA Hybridization Assay Based on Bioelectrocatalysis Using Redox-Polymer Modified Electrodes Donal Leech and Joanna Hajdukiewicz
Nanoscale Electrochemistry (Mon) - Lecture Theatre C
16.00   Liquid/Liquid Electrochemistry at Microinterfaces: Charge Transfer Through Solid-State Micro- and Nanopore Arrays Jorg Strutwolf
16.20   Nanoparticles at Electrified Liquid-Liquid Interfaces: From Localization to New, Self- Assembled, Electrically-Tunable Optical Filters Based on Giant Stark Effect Alexei A. Kornyshev
16.40   Chemisorption, Physisorption, and Coordinative Binding into Carbon Nanoparticles - Chitosan Thin Film Electrodes Liza Rassaei
17.00   Electrochemical Control of the Conformational Switching of a DNA HJ Bioswitch Andy Mount
17.20   Direct Electrical Contact of Redox Enzymes with Electrodes by wiring to Gold Nanoparticles for Electron Transfer Jose M. Abad Pastor
17.40   What Process Triggers Electron Transfer? Stephen Fletcher
Tuesday 16 September
09.00   Plenary Lecture Henry S. White, University of Utah
10.00   Electrochemical Approaches to Problems in Surface Science and Heterogeneous Catalysis Gary Attard, University of Cardiff
11.00   Electrochemical and Photochemical Synthesis of Transition Metal Complexes with Controlled Morphologies and Other Technologically Important Characteristics Alan Bond, Monash University
11.30   Electrochemical Behaviour of Multi- Redox-Active Conjugated Polymers (pdf 3.4Mb) Peter J Skabara, University of Strathclyde
New Developments in Electrochemistry (Tues) - Lecture Theatre A
14.00   Electrochemical Generation of Ozone With 50% Current Efficiency in 0.5 M Sulphuric Acid at Room Temperature and Cell Voltages < 3=""> (pdf 400Kb) Ajchara Imkum
14.20   Elaboration and Characterisation of Low Absorbance Innovating Coatings for Space Applications Laurent Arurault presented by Julien Kighelman
14.40   Elaboration and Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour of Black Anodic Coatings for Space Applications Laurent Arurault presented by Yann Goueffon
15.00   Aluminium Behaviour in Electrocoagulation Processes Martin Mechelhoff
15.20   The Equivalent Circuit of Photosystem II Stephen Fletcher
Electrochemical Surface Science (Tues) - Lecture Theatre A
16.10   Electrochemical and Scanning Tunneling Microscopic Characterization of Self-Assembled Monolayers of Thiol Functionalized Triphenylene Based Discotic Liquid Crystals on Gold (111) Surface Suresh Kumar
16.30   Surface Characterisation of Aluminium and its Alloys after Surface Pre-Treatment and Prior to Electrodeposition (pdf 2.9Mb) Robert Williams-Oyenigba
16.50   Temperature Effects on the Atomic Structure at the Metal-Electrolyte Interface Michael Cormack
17.10   A Study of CO Oxidation and Carbon Deposition in Intermediate Temperature SOFCs (pdf 2Mb) Gregory Offer
Electrochemical Sensors (Tues) - Lecture Theatre B
14.00   pH-Responsive Permselective Membranes based on Cellulose Scaffolds Darren Walsh
14.20   Application of Biomedical Sensors for Monitoring Of Drinking Water: Quantitative Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Free Chlorine, Colour and Turbidity Arun Arora
14.40   Biocompatible Metal-Metal Oxide pH Sensors Eleni Bitziou
15.00   Selective Voltammetric Determination of Inorganic Arsenic and Inorganic Antimony at a Gold Electrode Pascal Salaun
15.20   Ion Sensors for Explosions (pdf 90Kb) Ray Ansell
16.10   Carbon Nanotube Based Electrochemical Sensors For Quantifying The “Heat” of Chilli Peppers: The Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetric Determination of Capsaicin Roohollah T. Kachoosangi
16.30   Electroanalytical Detection of Lysozyme at the Polarized Water | 1, 2-Dichloroethane Interface Micheál D. Scanlon
Redox-Active, Organic Materials (Tues) - Lecture Theatre B
16.50   Silicate Appended Ionic Liquid Modified Electrode (pdf 2Mb) Marcin Opallo
17.10   Redoxactivity of Some Novel Electron Transporters and Electron Injectors Poopathy Kathirgamanathan
Nanoscale Electrochemistry (Tues) - Lecture Theatre C
14.00   Voltammetry of Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Films (pdf 2.3Mb) Frank Marken
14.20   Fabrication, Characterisation and Application of CVD Diamond Ultramicroelectrodes in SECM Jingping Hu
14.40   Electrochemistry at Carbon Nanotube Network Electrodes Ioana Dumitrescu
15.00   Electrochemical Study of the Protection of Nickel and its application in Single Molecule Studies H. van Zalinge
15.20   Paired Hemisperical Nano-Junctions in Electroanalysis Robert W. French
15.40   Bipolar Voltammetry as a Tool to Understand Deposition Processes Daniela Plana
Electrochemistry and Sustainability (Tues) - Lecture Theatre C
16.30   Semiconductor Nanoparticle Electrodes for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation Upul Wijayantha
16.50   Photoelectrochemical Properties of Titania Nanotubes (pdf 1.7Mb) Graham Dale
17.10   Photoelectrochemical H2 Production using Solar Energy (pdf 90Kb)Steve Dennison
Wednesday 17 September
09.30   Title to be confirmed David Schriffin, University of Liverpool
Electrochemistry and Sustainability (Wed) - Lecture Theatre A
10.00   Electrochemical Copper Recovery from Tin-Strip Solutions: Kinetic Effects Sudipta Roy
10.20   A Novel Continuous Electrochemical Packed Bed Reactor for Wastewater Treatment (pdf 550Kb) Andrew Campen
11.10   The Performance of Redox Flow Batteries Modelling and Experimental Studies Frank Walsh
11.30   The Development of Plurion Redox Flow Batteries Based on Methane Sulphonic Acid Electrolytes Dave Hodgson
11.50   Technical / Commercial Modelling and Design of Polysulphide-Bromide Redox Flow Batteries for Utility-Scale Energy Storage Daniel P Scamman Redox-Active, Organic Materials
Redox-Active, Organic Materials (Wed) - Lecture Theatre B
10.00   Free-standing polypyrrole strips as electrochemical actuators Joe Crayston
10:20   Synthesis and Characterisation of a Novel Indolocarbazole Oligomer Redox-Active Film John Henry
11.10   Soap Film Electrochemistry Daren Caruana
11.30   Protein Extracting Electrodes Based on Hydrophobic Graphite Cloth (pdf 400Kb) Mikhail Vagin
11.50   Electrocatalytical Reactivity Mapping of Model Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Catalyst Films Patrick Nicholson

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