Nanoparticles 2009 conference papers

This two and a half day meeting was held at the University of Liverpool on 2-4 September 2009 and attracted 100 delegates. It was organised by SCI’s Colloid and Surface Chemistry Group with the RSC Colloid and Interface Science Group, and 20 student members were offered bursaries to attend.

The event included a showcase of national and international speakers involved in some of the most exciting research on the production, processing and applications of nanoparticles (and nanomaterials), with a view to their fundamental chemistries, property measurement, formulation/arrangement and latterly, their commercial exploitation. SCI/RSC plan to hold a three-day event on Nanoscale Science in early July 2011. The first announcement will be released in late 2009.

Conference Papers:

Keynote presentations:

  • World’s thinnest nanowires 
    Prof Geoffrey A Ozin, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Healthcare biomagnetics: in vivo sensing, moving and heating of magnetic nanoparticles for diagnosis and therapy
    Prof Quentin Pankhurst, Royal Institution of Great Britain, UK
  • From foams to dry water: Phase inversion of nanoparticle-stabilised materials
    Prof Bernie P Binks, University of Hull, UK
  • Plenary: Soft processing for ceramics: single-step fabrication of nano-structured oxide ceramics (particles, films, integrated layers and patterns) from solution without firing
    Prof Masahiro Yoshimura, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama, Japan
  • Parliament’s understanding of science 
    Andrew Miller MP, UK
  • Printable photovoltaics using colloidal quantum dots 
    Prof Shinya Maenosono, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
  • Using novel approaches to nanoparticles and their assemblies
    Prof Paul O’Brien, University of Manchester, UK
  • The health hazards of accidental exposure to nanoparticles 
    Prof Ken Donaldson, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Getting light and electrons across functionalised metal nanoparticles
    Prof David Schiffrin, University of Liverpool, UK

A total of 23 oral presentations were accepted and 53 poster presentations with the following prizes awarded:

Oral presentation prize winners:

  • First prize: Alina Chanaewa
    University of Hamburg
  • Second prize: Damien Dupin
    University of Sheffield

Poster Presentation prize winners:

  • First prize: Andrea Knauer
    University of Technology Ilmenau
  • Second prize: Ian Robinson
    University of Liverpool, The Davy-Faraday Research Laboratory

Delegate Feedback:

  • ‘Excellent set of speakers - superb!’
  • ‘Very well run. The SCI team were extremely helpful and fast to address any queries/problems. (The) conference dinner was highly enjoyable.’

The image shows the self-assembly of 10nm Co nanoparticles, courtesy of Dr Nguyen Thanh

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