Innovation in Chemical Science and Technology conference

8 Nov 2012

About 150 participants from both academic and industrial institutions in UK and China attended 'Innovation in Chemical Science and Technology,' organised by SCI's Chinese UK Group and the Chinese Society of Chemical Science and Technology in the UK (CSCST-UK).

The event was supported by the University of Reading and the Education, and Science and Technology Sections of the Chinese Embassy in the UK. It took place at the vibrant Whiteknights campus of the University of Reading on 15 September 2012.

Prof Georg Held, the Head of the Department of Chemistry, University of Reading, opened the conference with a welcome speech. Dr Zhenxing Li from the Chinese Embassy in the UK followed with an outline of the long-term collaborative strategy between the UK and China in science and technology, and relevant recent programmes in China. SCI Executive Director 2010-13, Joanne Lyall, talked about SCI and the activities of the Chinese UK group. Representatives from the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Zhongguancun Science Park London Office introduced their organisations.

Plenary lectures were given by Prof Zhengxiao Guo from the Department of Chemistry and London Centre for Nanotechnology, University College London entitled 'Materials Chemistry for Clean Energy,' Prof Howard M Colquhoun from the Department of Chemistry, University of Reading, presenting 'Molecular IT: Reading Polymer Sequence-Information with Molecular Tweezers,' and Dr Dale A Laidler from AkzoNobel gave a talk on 'Innovative Products for a Sustainable Future'.

Keynote lectures were presented by Prof Yanqiu Zhu (Exeter), Prof Ian W. Hamley (Reading), Prof Jian R. Lu (Manchester), Prof Adam F Lee (Cardiff), Dr Tiancun Xiao (Oxford), Dr Dongsheng Wen (Queen Mary) and Prof Guangwen Xu (Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences).

The academic oral and poster presentation section which followed attracted many contributions from researchers in UK and China. After the lectures, 25 abstracts from the attendees were selected for oral presentations and 23 for poster presentations.

Awards were presented to the following winners:

Best Oral Presentations

  • First Prize: Dr Zhuxian Yang (Exeter)
  • Second Prize: Ms Xuemiao Pan (Birmingham), Dr Qiang Zeng (Reading)
  • Third Prize: Mr Yimin Wu (Oxford), Dr Chen Wu (Oxford), Mr Zhanghua Gao (Oxford)

Best Poster Presentations

  • First Prize: Mr Bingjun Zhu (UCL)
  • Second Prize: Ms Nazanin Rashidi (Oxford)
  • Third Prize: Mr Bonan Liu (Oxford), Dr Songsong Liu (UCL)

Dr Cigang Xu, the Chair of the SCI Chinese UK group, introduced committee member Dr Kenneth Chung and Dr Jingping Hu to the conference, and explained the activities of the group in detail, and how to become an SCI member.

Joanne Lyall presented a gift to the plenary speaker Prof Zhengxiao Guo, and Dr Tiancun Xiao presented the first poster prize certificate to Mr Bingjun Zhu (pictured).

Special thanks to the contribution from Dr Zheng Jiang and his CSCST-UK committee, local conference chair Dr Qiang Zeng and his local organising team, and support from the local Advisory Board: Prof Steven Mithen (PVC International and External Engagement, Reading), Prof Christine Williams (PVC Research and Innovation, Reading) and Prof Frantisek Hartl (Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, Reading) and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Reading.

Dr Cigang Xu Chair, Chinese UK group

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