Canada Student Merit Award Recipient, Chloé Comeau

13 February 2020

13 Feb 2020

Chloé Comeau is a 2019 Canada Student Merit Award winner. She achieved this award for obtaining the highest standing of her class in the fourth and final year of her degree. Here is a brief biography of the winner.

Chloé Comeau graduated with a B. Sc. (specialisation in biochemistry) from Université de Moncton in 2019. Being fascinated with sciences since she was a child, it was only fitting to get in that career path later in life.

At her high school graduation, she became a recipient of the Governor General’s Academic Medal and Roméo-Leblanc excellence scholarship for the highest average of her graduating class. In her third year at Université de Moncton, she also received the Brian T. Newbold scholarship for maintaining the highest average during her second year.

During her biochemistry studies, Chloé had the honour to be awarded Undergraduate Student Research Awards from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for three years in a row. The funding provided gave her the chance of working as a research assistant in a chemistry lab at Université de Moncton Campus de Shippagan under the supervision of great chemistry professors. During four consecutive summers, she worked on developing scaffolds from bioactive glass-based composites for applications in bone regeneration.

Chloé’s journey at Université de Moncton was very rewarding. She really enjoyed seeing how passionate her professors were about their research and meeting people who love sciences as much as she does.  

Chloé decided to deviate her career path from scientific research, and she is now back at Université de Moncton, working on a bachelor’s degree in education. She plans on sharing her passion for sciences with the students that she will meet when she becomes a teacher.

Chloé Comeau
Université de Moncton

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