Daphne Jackson fellowship to Ruramayi Nzuma-Mswaka

10 Jul 2013

The Daphne Jackson Trust is dedicated to returning scientists, engineers and technologists to their careers, following a break. The Trust offers flexible, part-time, paid fellowships to scientists, engineers and technologists who have taken a career break of two or more years for family, caring or health reasons. It supports Fellows to undertake research and retraining to increase their employability and has a 96% success rate of returning Fellows to SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) based careers at a level appropriate to their skills and experience.

SCI is pleased to be sponsoring a Daphne Jackson Fellowship for Dr Ruramayi Marjurie Nzuma-Mswaka from July 2013 for two years. Dr Nzuma-Mswaka, pictured, will undertake a research project at Queen's University Belfast, focused on the development of a novel magnetic separation method for the Campylobacter species. The SCI Food Group considers her research to be relevant and timely from an industry-need perspective. Dr Nzuma-Mswaka will become an SCI member and the Food Group looks forward to involving her in their activities and networks.

The Board has approved the funding of one Fellowship initially; future investment in the programme will depend on its outcome. This Fellowship is being funded from the AJ Banks Trust fund, which is dedicated to supporting research and activities related to food. It is in addition to existing commitments such as travel bursaries and SCI Scholarships.

SCI congratulates Dr Nzuma-Mswaka and looks forward to working with her and the Daphne Jackson Trust to achieve a successful outcome for all involved in the Fellowship.

Joanne Lyall
Executive Director 2010-13

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