Closing the yield gap: crop protection for poverty alleviation conference papers

In 2007, the BioResources Group worked closely with BCPC and IPPC to examine advances in crop management technology and how these advances impact upon the alleviation of poverty in the less developed countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. As part of this collaboration SCI staged a one-day session at the XVI International Plant Protection Congress in association with the BCPC International Congress - Crop Science & Technology 2007, held at the SECC in Glasgow on 15 - 18 October 2007.

Specific topics in this one day session included:-

  • Recent advances in development, evaluation and promotion of pest management technologies in smallholder agriculture in developing countries;
  • Impacts of adoption of pest management technologies on poverty alleviation;
  • The role of the private sector, particularly the agrochemical industry, in evaluation of technologies and delivery of knowledge and products to smallholders;
  • The importance of training and education in ensuring the successful implementation of changed farming practice.
Programme (pdf 31Kb)

Food security in Africa: public-private partnerships for closing the yield gap
M Bokanga, African Agricultural Technology Foundation, Nairobi, Kenya
E Terry, Consultant, Washington, DC, USA

Closing the yield gap: crop protection for poverty alleviation – Can we help? Should we help? (pdf 371Kb)
A Bennett, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Basel,Switzerland


How relevant is crop protection research to poverty alleviation?
F Kimmins, Natural Resources International, Aylesford, UK


The benefits of rational pest control practices in Indian cotton
D A Russell, Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, UK
K R Kranthi, Central Institute for Cotton Research, Nagpur, India


Semiochemicals – the future for crop health
A Cork, Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, UK
P Laxminarayan Rau, AG Bio Systems Pvt Ltd, Secunderabad, India


Biological Pesticides for Africa: why has so little research led to new products to help Africa’s poor?
D Grzywacz, AJ Cherry, Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, UK
R Gwynn, Rationale Biopesticide Consultants, Pettinain, Lanark, UK

The protection of farmers’ health is key to ensuring optimal agricultural production (pdf 720Kb)
P M Ndumbe, University of Buea, Buea, Cameroon
A Same-Ekobo, University of Douala, Cameroon
P B Nkot, The Yaounde Initiative Foundation, Yaounde, Cameroon


Weed management in Africa: experiences, challenges and opportunities
D Chikoye, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Nampula, Mozambique
 J Ellis-Jones, Agriculture-4-Development, Silsoe, UK
C Riches, NRI, University of Greenwich, Chatham, UK
L Kanyomeka, University of Namibia, Namibia


GM Crops – Their Role in Less Developed Countries (pdf 2.5Mb)
M Newell-McGloughlin, University of California Systemwide Biotechnology Research and Education Program, Davis, USA


Emerging technologies for Striga control in Africa (pdf 3.8Mb)
G Ejeta, PurdueUniversity, West Lafayette, USA


Improving cocoa crop protection techniques for sustaining rural livelihoods in West Africa
R P Bateman, IPARC, SilwoodPark, Ascot, UK
M Gilmour, Mars Inc, Slough, UK
K P Hebbar, Mars Inc / USDA-ARS, SPCL, Beltsville, USA


Challenge of improving Cotton competitiveness in a distorted market: Analysing the role of crop protection in Francophone Africa (pdf 500 Kb)
M Fok, M Vaissayre, CIRAD, Montpellier, France
Alain Renou, CIRAD, Niaréla, Bamako, Mali


The full potential of IPM and biological controls - training (pdf 1.4Mb)
L Labuschagne, The Real IPM Company (Kenya) Ltd, Madaraka, Thika, Kenya

Reaching the poor? About mindsets, partnerships and methodological pluralism (pdf 1.4Mb)
P Van Mele, AfricaRiceCenter (WARDA), Cotonou, Benin


Pesticides and poverty – analysing pesticide use context (PUC) to unleash the benefits without the backlash (pdf 1.8Mb)
H M Dobson, Natural Resources Institute, Chatham Maritime, UK
K A Jones, CropLife International, Brussels, Belgium


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