Skin: target or barrier - conference papers

This item first appeared in 2007

London, 1 November 2007

The human skin has a dual function as a barrier to unwanted substances, but also as a delivery route for therapeutic chemicals. Both areas of science use similar technologies and techniques to assess the passage and influence of chemicals crossing the skin. Skin – target or barrier, a one day meeting, aimed to bring together scientists interested in the problems relating to the transfer of xenobiotics into and across the skin. The programme focused on understanding both the promotion and the retardation of dermal penetration.

State of the art biophysical techniques for characterisation of permeant transport across membranes were presented, with a particular emphasis on spectroscopic approaches to interrogate the skin. Formulation strategies for pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals was reviewed. The development and application of models to predict skin toxicity was addressed. The sourcing of data for toxicology quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) was discussed as well as the development and application of models for human health effects and the implications of the REACH initiative for the scientific and industrial community.

The programme included presentations from internationally recognised leaders in the fields of skin permeation and dermal risk assessment.

10.00 Opening Remarks - ‘The Skin Paradox’
Dr Majella Lane, School of Pharmacy, University of London, UK
Session 1: Biophysical Techniques to Image the Skin
10.15 Spectrum on Skin (3.2Mb pdf)
Prof Jonathan Hadgraft, School of Pharmacy, University of London, UK
10.50 Stratum Corneum Barrier Function - New Measures of the Effects of Treatments delivered both to and through it
Prof Paul Matts, Procter & Gamble, UK
Session 2: Targeting Drugs to the Skin
11.25 Formulation Strategies to Overcome the Skin’s Defence (1.6Mb pdf)
Prof Adrian Davis, Limeway Consulting, UK
12.00 Vampex - Putting the Vamp into Psoriasis
Dr Simon Ward, York Pharma, UK
Session 3: Skin and Defence
14.00 How We Lose Skin to Defend Ourselves
Dr Tony Rawlings, AVR Consulting, UK
14.35 Assessment of Percutaneous Absorbtion and its Role in Risk Assessment - Applications to REACH (700 kb pdf)
Dr Han van de Sandt, TNO Quality of Life, Netherlands
Session 4: Modelling Permeability Effects
15.40 Quantitative Structure - Permability Relationships - Useful or Useless? (200 Kb pdf)
Dr Mark Cronin, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
16.15 Modelling of the Effect of Formulation Factors on Skin Penetration (200 Kb pdf)
Dr Taravat Ghafourian, Greenwich University, UK

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