Agrisciences Group welcomes new committee members

1 May 2015

SCI Agrisciences Group’s AGM will take place on Tuesday 19 May at Belgrave Square.  We welcome any prospective new committee members prepared to contribute ideas, opinions and contacts or organise activities and attend the quarterly afternoon meetings.  We realise that not all who might wish to be involved can make every meeting, so we also welcome members prepared to make more remote contributions, attending one or two meetings a year when they can.  Being active is the key thing.  Overall, we aim to create a valuable network covering all aspects of agricultural sciences and agribusiness. 

Agrisciences (formerly BioResources) is an active Group, organising conferences, initiatives for younger people, online networking and contributing to various external organisations.  Recently, Jade Owen has taken on the role of social media coordinator for the Group and refreshed the content of the open group on LinkedIn.  Discussion and comments have picked-up very significantly.  Our most recent conference was the second in the Agri-Innovation series, looking at emerging science and technologies in crop research.  The next event will be our annual conference for PhD and post-doc researchers, this year being held at Syngenta’s Jealott’s Hill International Research Centre.  A visit to Rothamsted Research is also planned for July.

Following the ideas for Landmark Programmes addressing challenges facing us all, and the start made at the Officers’ Conference in January, the Group has begun to consider what contribution can be made in the projects proposed in the Agri-Food sector.  The concept is to have a coordinated and integrated programme of activities going beyond the usual fare of individual conferences.  A project currently in its early stages concerns the UK’s self-sufficiency in food production.

Becoming a committee member is a good place to start, but, in particular, we need to have a succession of officers to ensure the future of the group.  These roles provide good experience in many areas, from leadership and team work, to project management and marketing, all in a friendly environment of wide and diverse experience, expertise and contacts.  Excellent for the proactive development of careers!

Please contact if you are interested attending the AGM and getting involved in Agrisciences Group’s growing network as a committee member.

Dr Alan Baylis
Chair of Agrisciences Committee

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