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20 September 2022


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'The Scientific Artistry of Fragrances – from Lab to Nose and Beyond' – Dr Simon Ellwood, Givaudan

Wednesday 26th October, 6pm – 8pm SCI, London (followed by Q&A and reception)

It is well known that perfumes are amongst the most popular Christmas gifts but fragrance is also a vital part of desirable consumer products all year round. Fragrances appear in products around the home such as detergents, air fresheners, surface cleaners and personal products such as shower gels and shampoos as well as luxury perfumes. In the October SCItalk (Society of Chemical Industry) Dr Simon Ellwood of Givaudan will provide an overview of the history of fragrance. He will also explain the chemistry behind what is now a massive global industry (worth around £40.7 billion for perfumes alone).

Dr Ellwood is a scientist with a passion for chemistry honed during his 27 year career in the flavours and fragrances industry. Currently he is Head of the Health & Well-being Centre of Excellence within the Fragrance and Active Beauty Division of Givaudan. He is particularly keen on communicating how the underlying science can be used to enhance the consumer’s overall health and well-being. This includes fragrancing their home environment and their clothes or their own body to enhance quality of life and well-being.

'I will focus on how we can further the sustainable development of ingredients and manufacturing processes for some key fragrance ingredients across the world,' said Dr Ellwood. 'I will also touch upon the formulation of these ingredients into well-loved fragrances and how they can both impact upon the malodour challenges that the modern world faces today and enhance our moods and emotions. I look forward to sharing this with the audience.'

SCI’s free to attend series of SCItalks is a platform for the public to hear from some of the leading voices of the chemistry sector. The prominent speakers offer perspectives and lively debate on issues ranging from climate change to nudge behaviour and agri-science. You can register for the talk here.

Givaudan is a global leader in Fragrance and Beauty and Taste and Wellbeing with a 250 year heritage.


For more information or an interview with Simon Ellwood, please contact Maxine Boersma on 07771 563373 or

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