Dr Barbara Brockway to deliver September SCItalk on the science of beauty

16 August 2022


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‘Delivering Cosmetic Science – the Technical Side of Beauty' – 28th September – 6–8pm

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the cosmetics industry stepped up production of sanitisers – but the $483 billion global beauty sector is not just about keeping clean. The science behind the makeup, lotions and creams we use helps consumers to avoid premature ageing, enhance natural features and even protect against skin cancer.

In her free-to-attend September SCItalk webinar hosted by SCI (Society of Chemical Industry), Dr Barbara Brockway will outline why cosmetic science should not be overlooked.

Dr Brockway is an author and innovator specialising in the personal care industry. An experienced scientist, she has worked with all aspects of cosmetic raw materials and active ingredients. She is a specialist in emerging trends and is known in the industry as ‘The Formulators' Muse’.

’In my present role, I’m working on programmes using DNA Technology in areas such as the microbiome and epigenetics and using DNA companion-identifiers for supply chain transparency,’ said Dr Brockway. ‘I’m looking forward to telling the public more about such trends and why cosmetic science is really at the leading edge of technology. People know about sun protection creams, for example, but maybe don’t realise the complexity of the science behind them.”

SCI’s free-to-attend series of SCItalks is a platform for the public to hear from some of the leading voices of the chemistry sector. The prominent speakers offer perspectives and lively debate on issues ranging from climate change to nudge behaviours and agriscience. 

Dr Brockway has chaired the first five In-Cosmetics Formulation Summits, which are held annually in London, and showcase the science behind fast-moving beauty industry trends. She is a Fellow Member and Trustee of the Society of Chemical Cosmetic Scientists (SCS), having joined in 1993 when, with Anita Roddick and her Body Shop colleagues, she pioneered innovative projects including the Hemp range.

You can register to attend ‘Delivering Cosmetic Science – the Technical Side of Beauty' for free here.

For more information on the talk or an interview with Dr Barbara Brockway, please contact Maxine Boersma on 07771 563373 or Maxine.Boersma@soci.org


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