SCI supports Black History Month 2021

1 October 2021


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1st – 31st October

Friday 1st October marks the start of Black History Month, a catalogue of events to celebrate the contributions of Black people in society.

Once again, the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) is proud to support this initiative. During the coming weeks, SCI will reveal more about some trailblazing scientists – past and present. From Johnson Powell who invented eye protectors to Madeline M. Turner who helped juice fanatics worldwide by inventing the first fruit press, SCI will profile the outstanding contributions black chemists have made to society.

This activity builds on SCI’s renewed support for #BlackInChem Week this August – a global annual event to celebrate the work of Black people studying and working in chemistry related areas.

Sharon Todd, SCI CEO said:

“Black History Month provides a welcome opportunity to celebrate the work of Black chemists and scientists. In SCI’s 140th year this year, we need to remember this is not just about looking back in history but promoting existing and future talent – indeed, our Black scientist network has shared material with us and we look forward to highlighting this work too. Diversity is key to ensuring we never stand still but try new ways of working. We are very pleased the SCI community is so supportive of our efforts during Black History Month and look forward to working collaboratively with our corporate partners on their own plans for the month”.


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