SCI congratulates Croda on contract for covid vaccine excipient

13 November 2020 - Society of Chemical Industry


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SCI welcomes the news that Croda International Plc has entered into an agreement with Pfizer Inc to supply novel excipients used in the manufacture of a promising covid-19 candidate.

The contract with Pfizer runs for five years and awards Croda an initial supply contract for four component excipients in the production of the vaccine candidate for the three years of the contract. An excipient is a substance used as a carrier for a medicine’s active component. Demand for the vaccine remains subject to relevant approvals, but widely publicised high efficacy results have provided cause for anticipation.

Steve Foots, Croda’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, ‘I’m very proud of Croda’s involvement in the battle to fight the most significant pandemic that we have seen in a generation. The application of our innovative capabilities is testament to the strong progress we have made to create industry-leading drug delivery systems focused on developing speciality excipients and adjuvants to improve the effectiveness and stability complex drug activities and vaccines.’ 

Croda – a Corporate Partner of SCI – has a strong, longstanding relationship with SCI, notably working closely together on the Chemistry Council Innovation Committee (CCIC), a joint government-industry group for the UK’s chemical industry. During November, Croda’s Rebecca Wood, Open Innovation Specialist, and Julia Creasy, Group Sustainability Manager spoke at the CCIC/SCI webinar: Sustainable Materials for Consumer Products – Community Consultation.  

Steve Elliot, Chief Executive of the Chemical Industries Association and also a member of the CCIC added, ‘The Innovation and expertise in Croda International Plc is a fantastic example of what this sector brings to the UK and to the world. As we fight this most serious of battles, let us all get behind this break through; it is a proud moment for this country’s chemical industry.’

Sharon Todd, Chief Executive of SCI, said, ‘SCI could not be prouder of the work being carried out by Croda and the wider chemistry-using industries to help us through this challenging time. The development of vaccines, especially at the unprecedented rate seen in recent months, relies upon the translation of scientific research into commercially available products and services via industry. The incredible speed with which countless institutions and companies have brought forward a great many promising covid-19 vaccine candidates serves as testament to the incredible things that can be achieved for society when science and business come together.’ 

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