Horticulture Group

Message from the Chair

Alison Foster


Although a relatively new and small group, we are an active community, organising regular events that support the SCI mission of being a place where science meets business’. We also work with the other technical interest groups, in particular those in closely related fields within the Agrifood Hub.

As part of our commitment to promote industry relevant horticultural science, we established the David Miller Award in 2010. The award provides financial assistance to two young researchers to support overseas travel in connection with their horticultural careers. It has proved to be a great way to support new science and to build links with talented young people who are passionate about plant science and the world of horticulture.

Meet the Committee Officers

Prof Paul Hadley

Vice Chairman & Treasurer

Dr Alison Foster


In brief

SCI’s Horticulture Group helps to turn horticultural science into business practice – by building links between higher education establishments, botanic gardens, growers and producers of horticultural crops and associated supply companies. We do this through career support as well as holding forum for discussion on issues relevant to the full range of horticulture-related industries, public authorities, academics and other interested parties.

June in the SCIence Garden