Fine Chemicals Group

The Fine Chemicals Group is one of the largest Technical Interest Groups in SCI. Our wide-ranging interests include medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, process and development chemistry, colour chemistry, flavour and fragrance chemistry, and general organic chemistry, especially new and important aspects of synthetic chemistry.

Message from the Chair

Dr Sarah Major


The Fine Chemicals Group is a diverse and energetic Technical Interest Group, with representatives from over 35 companies and academic institutions.

Our members range from technical scientists and expert consultants to directors and company founders.

We organise a wide variety of events to develop and connect the scientific and industrial communities and support innovation. Our multi-day conferences and postgraduate symposia explore new areas of science and technology.

We are committed to supporting our members in their personal development, network building, knowledge sharing and developing expertise.

Please get in contact if you are interested in contributing to the group but also consider our partners in the Young Chemists Panel (YCP).

Download the Fine Chemicals Group & Young Chemists' Panel Conference Programme for 2023 - PDF

Meet the Committee Officers

Dr Daniel Hamza


Dr Alexander Dossetter


Dr Jason Tierney


Dr Sarah Major


In brief

We aim to promote organic chemistry and its application to the fine chemicals industry. We organise high-quality specialist symposia with internationally-renowned speakers around the world, and general overview meetings for students and organic chemists in academia and industry to refresh and improve their knowledge base and assist in their professional development.

We also work to raise the profile of organic chemistry and the fine chemicals industry with the general public and facilitate links between organic chemists in industry and academia, and recent graduates and their peers in industry and academia through the Group's series of meetings.