Established 2015

Message from the Chair

Andrew Walker


The first insights from the UK energy system modelling work were presented at the Developing New Perspectives on the Energy Trilemma - Balancing Sustainability and Security with Affordable Cost event, which took place on 28 March 2017. Since then, the modelling work has been used to identify a sequence of topics for further, more detailed study, the first of which concerns building heating, which accounts for ~ 20% of the UK’s CO emissions. 

The focus of work in 2018 was to explore options to reduce CO emissions from heating homes by retrofitting technologies that deliver comfort through energy savings and/or that provide heating through low carbon energy routes.

SCI’s Energy Group continues to build its membership, seeking relevant valuable expertise from across industry, academia and advisory bodies.

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Andrew Walker


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In brief

Environmental, economic and societal impacts of energy have an ever-increasing profile in domestic, business, government and global thinking. While today’s energy generation and consumption depend largely on well-established technologies, new technologies will be needed in response to growing demands. Our members are drawn from industry, research institutes, universities, energy policy bodies, R&D organisations and scientific publishers.