Electrochemical Technology Group

From sensors to monitor health, to new low-carbon energy conversion devices, the many applications of electrochemical technology provide significant benefit to society. The Electrochemical Technology Group is involved in all aspects of the application of electrochemical science and engineering which, at its base, is the science of moving electrons through chemical processes.

Message from the Chair

Dr Pauline Allen


Within the electrochemical technology community, we have already seen some fantastic companies emerge and more will do so. We also have some innovative approaches to exploitation being evaluated, such as the Electrochemical Innovation Lab at UCL, which I'm proud to be a part of. But there is much to do in this area, and it is perhaps the area I would like to focus on during my term as Chair.

Our committee is excited to be taking the Group forward, and we look set for an interesting time over the next few years. Please feel free to get in touch, particularly if you'd like to get involved in the Group's activities.


Meet the Committee Officers

Dr Mohamed Mamlouk


Dr Pauline Allen


Dr Christopher Jones


In brief

The Group's aim is to promote research and development of electrochemistry which leads to the production of appropriate technologies and industrial and consumer products. The Group provides an interface between academia and industry and is a forum for promoting research and collaboration between a range of scientific and engineering disciplines.