SCI Canada Group

Established 1902

Message from the Chair

Ravi Ramachandran

Chair, Nominations Committee

Since its formation 1902, SCI Canada has recognised achievements in Canadian chemical industry and has presented awards to chemistry and chemical engineering students, in order to bolster the drive for innovation.

As Chair of the SCI Canada Nominations Committee, my colleagues and I are privileged to be able to recognise achievement, to celebrate success and to encourage excellence in the chemical industry and through our awards programme.

Meet the Nominations Committee

Bradley Haltli

Ordinary member

Charles Taschereau

Ordinary Member

Deborah Nicoll-Griffith

Chair of the Chemical Institute of Canada

Hamdy Khalil

Ordinary member

Jean-Pascal Schroeder

Ordinary member

Laurel Schafer

Ordinary member

Ravi Ramachandran


Fiona Hess

F.M. Hess Scientific Consulting

Mohini Sain

Ordinary Member

Tom Baker

Ordinary Member

In Brief

Since its formation in 1902, SCI Canada has supported the drive for innovation in Canada with the recognition of achievements by individuals from industry and academia who have made significant contributions to the Canadian chemical industry. The long standing Student merit Award programme presents awards to chemistry, bio-chemistry and chemical engineering students across Canadian Universities

2023 Canada Awards

Canada Awards

Canada Medal

The Canada Medal is awarded to a business leader for outstanding service in a Canadian industry, who has had a clearly positive impact on their business that is based on chemistry for its processes and/or services.

2023 award winner: Dr Paul Smith, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Canada International Award

The Canada International Award is presented to an individual in recognition of outstanding service and contributions in the international sphere to an industry that is based on chemistry for its processes and/or services.

2023 award winner: Dr Vaikuntam Iyer Lakshmanan OC, Process Research Ortech Inc

Julia Levy Award

The Julia Levy Award is presented to an individual to recognize successful commercialization of innovation in Canada, specifically in the field of Bio-medical Science and Engineering.

2023 award winner: Professor Pieter R Cullis, University of British Columbia

Kalev Pugi Award

The Kalev Pugi Award acknowledges exceptional achievements in research and development by an individual or team, which is of benefit to Canada. The technical excellence can be developed in a university, industrial setting or a research institution in Canada.

2023 award winner: Professor Francesca Kerton, Memorial University

LeSueur Memorial Award

The LeSueur Memorial Award is presented to an individual for the development of technical excellence, in either a university/research institute or industrial setting in Canada.

2023 award winner: Mr Rupert Spence, DuPont Canada

Purvis Memorial Award

The Purvis Memorial Award recognizes an individual for significant strategy development and successful implementation within the Canadian chemical Industry.

2023 award winner: Mr Rory Francis, PEI BioAlliance

SCI Canada Outreach Award

The Outreach Award recognizes a Canadian organization, individual or team that has demonstrated sustained effort engaging the public in learning about chemistry and its impact on society.

2023 award winners: Geoffrey Rayner-Canham, Christiana Andersen and Rosalina Naqitarvik, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University

Canada Student Merit Awards

The SCI Canada Student Merit Award is awarded annually to the student who has achieved the highest standing in the 4th and final year of a chemistry, biochemistry or chemical engineering undergraduate program.

2022 Award winners