Established 1894

Message from the Chair

Mr John J Paro


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SCI America was established in 1894 and was initially known as the New York Section. It was the first society in the United States to bring together those interested in industrial chemistry. Gradually, the membership of the New York Section spread throughout the country, and in 1919, the name was changed to the America Section to reflect the geographical breadth of its members. SCI America, from the very beginning, has drawn its members from the breadth and depth of the chemical and allied industries.

Meet the Committee Officers

Mr David Moody

Vice Chair

Mr John J Paro


Frank Bozich


Mr Pat Dawson


Key Facts

SCI America organises two high-profile events every year, including the SCI Perkin Medal Dinner and the SCI Chemical Industry Medal Dinner. Past recipients of the Perkin Medal include Nobel Laureates Herbert C Brown and Stephanie Kwolek, inventor of Kevlar. Past Chemical Industry Medallists include George W Merck, founder of Merck & Co Inc, and Bill Stavropoulos, former Chairman of the Dow Chemical Company. For more details on all of SCI America's activities, visit