10 May 2022

What a chemist needs to know about patents 2022

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SCI's Young Chemists' Panel

London, UK

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Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the major outputs of all Research and Development (R&D)
organisations, yet remains an area most scientists are unfamiliar with. SCI’s Young Chemists’ Panel in collaboration with UK-based patent and trademark attorneys and litigators, EIP, will hold this one-day workshop to introduce patent law and IP to those with a scientific background.


This event will bring together R&D and legal staff covering a broad spectrum of industries and is particularly relevant to those who wish to learn more about patents and IP in their field. This highly successful event has proved popular with previous attendees and speakers alike, as a chance to gain insight into the world of patents and IP from leading professionals in their field.

Registration and refreshments
What is a patent? Dr Darren Smyth
What is a patent, how do you get one, who owns it, how long does it take, how long does it last, what rights does it give you and what does it all mean?
Inventorship and ownership of patents, Eric Williams
Who should be included as an inventor of a patent? Issues relating to ownership of patents and the importance of inventorship and experimental records.
Patentability before the patent office, Dr Darren Smyth
What is a patentable chemical invention? What are the requirements for patentability?
Refreshment break
Patentability when you are in court, Dr Robert Lundie Smith
Litigation case studies of patent validity.
Patentability from a US perspective, Eric Williams
What is patentable in the U.S., and some of the standards for patentability. Examples will be presented.
Patent filing strategies; a pharmaceutical industry perspective, Dr Jen Le Mière
Relative strengths of patents; strategies to cover your product's unique selling point; how to decide which countries to seek protection; building a patent portfolio for optimum effect.
Patent specifications and chemical claims, Dr Darren Smyth
How to read and interpret a patent specification. Patents as a source of information. Varieties of patent claims used in a chemical context. Timing of patent filings for optimising protection and value.
Infringement and enforcement, Dr Robert Lundie Smith
How to proceed when your patent is infringed - or you are accused of infringing. What constitutes patent infringement? Strategies to avoid infringement. Unitary Patent.
Refreshment break
US patent litigation, Eric Williams
What happens when a patent is litigated in the US and how you can prepare now for when your patents are litigated. Discussion of the duty to disclose relevant information to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office when obtaining a U.S. patent.
Patent litigation from an in-house perspective, Dr Jen Le Mière
Before litigation: monitoring for infringement/infringers; how your (written) past may come back to haunt you & discovery; dealing with experts; managing multi-country litigation.
Panel Session
Networking Reception

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14/15 Belgrave Square

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Tel: +44 (0)20 7598 1561

Email: conferences@soci.org

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  • Silvia Bonomo, Charles River Laboratories
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