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    Public Evening Lectures


    Public Evening Lectures are free and open to all. They are part of an SCI initiative to reach members of the public and provide discourse on SCI-linked topics and relevant popular subjects in an accessible way.

    Upcoming lectures

    The SCI series of Public Evening Lectures runs from September to June each year. The following lectures have been confirmed for 2019.

    Please click through to the event page using the links below to register your place.


    • 23 October, Prof Peter Atkins - A Journey Through the Periodic Kingdom - Register now
    • 27 November, Caroline van den Brul - The Story of Science Communication through the Lens of the BBC - Register now


    • 26 February, Sir Mark Walport - Future for research and innovation in the UK
    • 25 March, Sir Gregory Winter - The antibody revolution, its origin, propagation and impact on the pharma industry
    • 29 April, Lord Browne of Madingley - Seven elements that have changed the world
    • 27 May, Baroness Susan Greenfield - The 21st century mind - blowing it, expanding it, losing it
    • 28 October, Prof Carole Mundell - Exploding black holes, gravitational waves and other recent developments

    Previous lectures



    • 28 November, Prof Mike Bevan - Can Genomics Feed the World?, more
    • 24 October, Prof Gerry Gilmore - The Milky Way Galaxy in 6-dimensions: stars, stardust and Dark Matter, more
    • 26 September, Prof Ben Feringa - The Art of Building Small, more
    • 27 June, Dr Helen Sharman - From Mars to the stars: a chemist in space, Read the review
    • 23 May, Dr Alison Tedstone - Overcoming obesity: A taste of things to come, more
    • 25 April, Prof Martyn Poliakoff (CBE) - Casting Light on a Greener Future, Watch the video
    • 28 March, Dr Alastair Leake - Crops and the environment, Read the review


    • 22 November, Helen Bonser-Wilton - Mary Rose - From Seabed to Showcase, the Making of a British Icon, Watch the video
    • 25 October, Dr Hermann Hauser - Machine intelligence: are machines better than humans?, Watch the video
    • 20 September, Sir John Beddington - Global Sustainability Challenges: food, water and energy security, Watch the video
    • 28 June, Prof Michael Kelly - Future energy needs and engineering reality, Watch the video
    • 23 May, Lord David Willetts - Securing the UK’s future industrial success, Watch the video
    • 26 April, Prof Glenn Gibson - Friends in low places: Getting to the guts of microbiology, Watch the video


    • 29 November, Prof Gideon Lack - Stemming the tide of allergies Watch the video
    • 25 October, Sir Colin Berry What have they put in my food: should I worry? Watch the video
    • 27 September, Sir Simon Campbell - Science, Art and Drug Discovery Watch the video
    • 21 June, Prof Graham MacGregor - Unhealthy Food: By Far the Biggest Cause of Death in the UK 
      Watch the video
    • 17 May, Prof Jack Winkler and Dr Rob Winwood - Fat Lies and Thin Truths - is Eating Fat Bad for You? 
      Watch the video
    • 26 April, Prof David Mottram - Doping and Anti Doping in Sport Watch the video
    • 30 Mar, Sir Paul Nurse - The Francis Crick Institute: tackling the world's biggest health problems faster More
    • 10 Feb, Mr Guy Smith - Are Farmers 'Bee Aware'? Watch the video


    • 1 Dec, Dr Sam Collins - Ebola diagnostics in Sierra Leone: Experiences from the field Watch the video
    • 11 Nov, Prof Kevin Harrington - Using Viruses to Treat Cancer: Turning Poachers into Gamekeepers Watch the video
    • 13 Oct, Prof Simon Lovestone - Alzheimer's Disease: Big Problem, Big Data, Big Solution? Watch the video
    • 28 May, Prof Ed Bullmore - Understanding and treatment of mental health disorders such as depression and psychosis Watch the video
    • 30 April, Prof Myles Allen - How we will eventually solve the climate change problem - and why UN conferences are largely irrelevant Watch the video
    • 26 March, Prof Geoffrey Maitland - Fossil fuels and avoiding climate change - are they incompatible? Watch the video
    • 29 January, Michael Stephenson - Shale gas and fracking: the science behind the controversy. Watch the video


    • 10 December, Dr Denis Koltsov: Nanomaterials in foods - recent developments, regulations, standards and public perception. Watch the video
    • 19 November, Prof Robin Clark - Raman Microscopy and the Identification of Forgery in Artwork. Watch the video
    • 1 October, Hadyn Parry - The war against mosquito-borne diseases - changing times, changing minds. Watch the video
    • 24 September, SCI Public Evening Lecture: Professor Dame Sally Davies - Anti-microbial resistance - The Chief Medical Officer's Role. Watch the video
    • 19 February, Prof Peter Atkins - War and Peace: Chemistry's Contribution. Watch the video


    • 31 October, Prof Lord Krebs - Feeding the 9 billion. Watch the video
    • 25 June, Prof David Nutt - Should chemistry dictate the drug laws? Watch the video
    • 5 February, John Pickett - Plant metabolism exploited for sustainable food production by breeding, GM and companion cropping. Watch the video
    • 23 January, Tom Crotty - Sustainability in Biofuels. Watch the video


    • 20 November, David Torres - Meeting the Energy Challenge Through Innovation. Watch the video
    • 10 October, Prof Julia King - The Future of Transport: Sustainable, Affordable and Effective. Watch the video
    • 18 September, Dr John Emsley - 2050: Sustainable UK? Watch the video
    • 16 May, Sir John Beddington - A Sustainable Future for Food and Farming. More


    • 14 December, Thames Tideway Debate
    • 17 November, Prof Subhash Anand - Nonwoven Fabrics in Healthcare and Medical Devices. More
    • 20 October, Dame Sue Ion - When the Lights go out will we care about Carbon Emissions? More
    • 22 September, The Redemption of the British Breakfast! Re-evaluating the importance of the role of saturated fats and cholesterol in the diet of healthy adults.
    • 9 June, Lord Lawson of Blaby - Energy Policy and Global Warming.
    • 14 April, Prof Sir Brian Hoskins - The Challenge of Climate Change. More


    • 12 December, GM Foods: Genetic Manipulation or Global Malnutrition? Colin Tudge and Prof Jonathan Jones. More
    • 18 November, Jerry Stone - Space Exploration: An alternative history.
    • 21 October, Prof David Phillips - A Little Light Relief. More
    • 6 September, Fred Pearce - Peoplequake: Mass Migration, Ageing Nations and the Coming Population Crash. More


    • 15 October, Ben Goldacre - How to recognise bad science. More

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