4 November 2021

COP26 - Countdown to Planet Zero

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Science Show Theatre, Glasgow Science Centre - 17:00-18:00hrs

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Combating climate change with chemistry

Climate change is “code red for humanity”. Nearly 60% of the next generation feel overwhelmed by climate anxiety. Increase in global temperatures will result in the forced displacement of billions of people from their homes, global resource conflicts, and threaten humanity’s very way of life. This is not the world that the future generation wants to inherit. They want to be heard. They want a better future. They want to be part of the solution.

This forum provides a platform for the next generation of scientists and inventors who are actively developing scientific solutions, to explain their work and the impact it will have on climate change. It will provide an opportunity for the next generation, anxious about the climate crisis, to query and challenge these entrepreneurs. This two-way dialogue will raise the audience’s awareness of the innovations being developed by upcoming scientists around the topics of fuels of the future, turning waste into gold, and ultimately engineering nature.

This next generation of scientists and innovators have the power to change our world’s tomorrow.

Fuels of the future
Turning waste into gold
Engineering nature

COP26 - Countdown to Planet Zero Flyer


2010 to 2020 was the warmest decade on record. Curbing rising temperatures means avoiding carbon dioxide emissions in all aspects of the economy and without science being applied by industry, we cannot achieve this.

Science is critical for everyday life and science based companies must show leadership in the drive to Net Zero as they will develop products and processes that will be game changers in providing climate solutions. SCI is a place where science meets business – an innovation hub, which brings organisations together to work collaboratively in developing solutions to reach society more quickly.


The physical COP 26 - Countdown to Planet Zero event is now sold out.
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Hosts and Panellists

Nikita Patel - Co-host

Queen Mary University of London, PhD student

Oliver Ring - Co-host

AstraZeneca, Senior Scientist

Brett Parkinson - Panellist

C-Zero, Senior Engineer

Clare Rodseth - Panellist

Unilever, Environmental Sustainability Scientist

Dominic Smith - Panellist

GSK, Process Development Engineer

Jake Coole - Panellist

Johnson Matthey, Senior Chemist

Natasha Boulding - Panellist

Sphera Limited, CEO and Co-founder

Venue and Contact

Science Show Theatre
Glasgow Science Centre
50 Pacific Quay
G51 1EA

SCI Membership Team

Tel: +44 (0)20 7598 1503

Email: membership@soci.org

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