16 May 2023

Aligning higher education with horticulture industry needs

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SCI's Horticulture Group

SCI, London and Webinar

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A large number of recent Government and other reports have suggested a need for a skilled work force. This is as true for Horticulture as for any other business sector. However these suggestions ask two implicit questions What is currently being provided by our Higher Education System? and Is this what the industry needs now and in the foreseeable future? A recent and ongoing study undertaken by the Horticulture Group of the Society for Chemical Industry (SCI) has attempted to ask the first of these questions; what is the current offering? as a basis for discussing the second; what does industry need?

At the present time 68 UK Universities claim to be offering 273 programmes relevant to Horticulture, Plant Science or Botany. Closer inspection of the modules which make up these courses suggests that clearly directed provision is available from 127 courses offered by 32 Institutions. These programmes involve around 3100 individual modules. Courses in Plant Ecology, Plant Diseases and Plant Physiology are relatively common in University Programmes. Modules dealing with Plant Tissue Culture, Glasshouse Crops, Garden Design, Propagation and Practical Horticulture are less common.   Data collected on the numbers and types of modules available provide a basis for discussing with those who employ new graduates whether provision matches perceived need.

To facilitate this The Horticulture Group of SCI have organised a workshop, to present the data from the SCI study, an analysis of industry needs, and to have a discussion on whether provision meets the needs and whether there is a need for change.


This workshop is primarily designed to engage those in horticulture and agriscience industries, this includes growing, buying, selling, advisory or packaging.

This workshop is available by invitation with limited places available to other interested parties. If you have not received an invite but would like to attend, please email callum.yong@soci.org with your name, organisation and job role.


16 May 2023

Overview of current provision (SCI Horticulture Committee)
What skill gaps are there? Current gaps, next 5-10 years and how could they be filled?
Wrap up

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