19 May 2016

George Bessey Award Lecture

Organised by:

SCI's Construction Materials Group

SCI, London, UK

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As part of SCI's Construction Materials AGM, longstanding member of the committee, Mr John Richardson will deliver The George Bessey Award Lecture

This talk considers the role of bitumen emulsion bond coats in achieving the pavement design objectives. The speaker will discuss the following statements:


  • The principal aims when designing a road pavement structure is to ensure the constructed pavement will give good ride qualities and distribute traffic stresses effectively through the pavement structure so that the soil is protected.
  • Given that pavement structures are composite in nature, it makes sense that the layers must be bonded together to transfer traffic stresses effectively and to give the pavement the degree of stiffness necessary to achieve this.
  • Damage due to fatigue and deformation proceeds at a faster rate when a proper bond has not been created and therefore the structural service life of the road is diminished.
  • De-lamination failures of surface layers due to lack of bond are more easily detected but the integrity of the whole pavement is the principal objective.
  • Water damage to the pavement materials is also of concern and the bitumen emulsion spray has a part to play here too.


This meeting will prove of particular interest to scientists engaged in the development or application of organic synthetic chemistry methodology. It will also prove of interest to any scientist wishing to be informed of the latest developments in this field of research.

Venue and Contact


14-15 Belgrave Square 


Clarice Williams

Tel: +44 (0)20 7598 1587

Email: patricia.cornell@soci.org

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