22 October 2020

Future opportunities for CO2: the chemistry of carbon dioxide and its role in decarbonisation

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SCI’s Energy Group

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Amongst the many challenges we must meet to achieve our 2050 net zero carbon dioxide targets, decarbonisation of our manufacturing industries is a significant hurdle. A key technology that the UK is well placed to exploit is carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS). Of the variety of technologies available to decarbonise the UK Energy System, modelling by the Energy Technologies Institute for the SCI’s Energy Group shows CCUS to be a resilient presence.

More recent Energy Systems Catapult modelling shows that CCUS is now even more important and that net zero cannot be met without it. Understanding the chemistry of CO2 is vital if we are to develop the processes at scale for CO2 capture and conditioning, alongside opportunities to use CO2 as a resource to produce a wide variety of chemicals, materials and fuels. These uses include more straightforward technologies such as use of captured CO2 in carbonated drinks and glasshouses; new routes to produce existing products such as acetic acid and fuels; and use to make new materials such as polymers and cement.

In our October conference, “Decarbonisation and the chemistry of CO2”, we will hear from industry and academic researchers who are exploring future CO2 capture, transport and storage techniques and scenarios; new and emerging CO2 capture and conditioning technologies; and the variety of opportunities being explored to utilise captured CO2.

This event will be of interest to the following:

• Academics looking to hear about the latest developments.
• Business leaders looking to find out what CCUS means, what the opportunities might be to use or sell their own CO2 or to find new ways to make new products.
• Early career researchers looking to widen their scope of knowledge around their core CCUS studies.
Confirmed Speakers
  • Kevin Chown, COO Kew Technology 
  • Peter Hammond, CTO CCm Technologies
  • Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Heriot-Watt University
  • Alison Mohr, Nottingham University 
  • Michael North, York University
  • Chris Rayner, Leeds University 
  • Andy Walker, Johnson Matthey 


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    An exhibition will take place alongside the conference during refreshment breaks for companies and related organisations who may wish to exhibit. For further information and prices, please email conferences@soci.org. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

    Call for Abstracts

    Contributions are invited from early stage researchers and PhD students working in all areas of CCUS to present their poster at this one-day conference. An abstract of maximum one A4 page or 300 words indicating title and authors should be sent to conferences@soci.org by Friday 24 July 2020 with the subject line “CCUS conference - abstract submission” Topics may be results, reviews or plans and may have already been presented elsewhere. An abstract template can be downloaded here. Prizes will be awarded for the best poster. The objective is to identify that poster which best explains the outcomes of the research in the industrial context (i.e. which poster best explains the value and meaning of the research to industry).

    Organising Committee
    • Maryam Bayati, SCI/ Northumbria University 
    • Reace Edwards, SCI/ University of Chester
    • Geraint Evans, SCI/ Beacontech Ltd
    • Mark Harrison, SCI/ Chair, SCI Energy Group
    • Patrick Kitt, SCI/ eContracting Limited
    Conference Team

    Tel: +44 (0)20 7598 1561
    Email: conferences@soci.org