10 October 2014

Design and monitoring membrane biosensors; a multi-faceted challenge

Organised by:

SCI's Biotechnology Group in conjunction with the University of Westminster

University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6UW

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Bio and chemical sensors have been a research quest over many years, especially because of their potential for the simplification of complex analysis. However, one special attribute is that of continuous, reagent-free readout of target molecule changes. This is especially the case for electrochemical devices able to undertake facile redox reactions at polarised working electrodes. Such systems have been adapted by us for the continuous monitoring of simple metabolites, ions and oxygen. The technical needs of such devices has been stability in biological fluids and a 'stretching' of the analytical range beyond that achievable with the basic electrochemical interface. Many electrode surface modifying strategies have been sought to secure this, but we have specifically exploited diffusion controlling polymer membranes as barrier layers for controlling access to and from the device for reactant/product molecules. By means of semi-implantable needle shaped sensors, we have monitored oxygen, glucose and lactate subcutaneously over short periods during exercise and blood loss and by using planar and textile based lactate and ion sensors we have tracked these parameters in sweat during exercise. The devices are far from fully refined for clinical and other practical applications, but the data highlights the way in which such biochemical variables undergo rapid dynamic change and how within such changes may lie hidden information of diagnostic and prognostic value. This opens the way for future targeting of therapy for the individual patient. 


Prof Pankaj Vadgama, School of Engineering and Material Science, Queen Mary University of London

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University of Westminster

University of Westminster, School of Life Sciences, 115 New Cavendish Street London W1W 6UW


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