8 March 2016

CANCELLED - Life in the Universe: the search for ET

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SCI's London Group in partnership with UCL's Chemical and Physical Society

UCL London

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The search for life in the Universe in one of humanity's last great adventure and we are closer than ever to sending humans to Mars, and other planets and moons in the cosmos, to seek this life out. What are the chances of finding life on Mars, Europa, or Titan and what might it look like? Astrologists are trying to figure out where othere forms of life might be hiding, and how we can find it, and what it might be able to tell us about ourselves and where we came from.

This talk will steer you through the search for life in the Universe and explain how we use 'extreme' forms of life on Earth to guide us. We will then discuss the chances of finding intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe, the search for habitable planets in other distant solar systems, and the future for our exploration, and ultimately colonisation, of the cosmos.


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Department of Chemistry
University College London
20 Gordon Street
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Dr Louisa Preston, Open University and TED Fellow

Dr Preston is an Astrobiologist, Planetary Geologist and TED Fellow who spends her time thinking up ways to find life on Mars, and how humanity might one day colonise other planets and moons. She works in environments across the Earth where life is able to survive our planet's most extreme conditions as analogues for possible extra-terrestrial life forms and habitats. Preston is also a popular science writer and communicator, currently working on her first book 'Goldilocks and the Water Bears: The Search for life in the Universe' for Bloomsbury Sigma.