26 October - 27 October 2020

Automated Intelligent Chemistry

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Automation is a growing field of chemistry, both within industry and academia. Enabling technologies allow synthesis, purification, and testing of organic compounds to be performed not only much faster, but on a smaller scale and with far greater efficiency than traditional methods. For many companies, the dream of closed-loop workflow cycles from compound design to testing and statistical analysis, followed by improvements to the compound design and further testing, are now being realized. Novel robotics for solid and liquid dispensing, flow chemistry, reaction monitoring, physical manipulation, and compound purification are continually being developed. Industrial chemists are increasingly exposed to new automation, whether in the form of high-throughput screening of compounds against targets (or targets against compounds), in reaction optimization for process or medicinal chemistry, or in measurement of physicochemical parameters such as drug solubility. 

This symposium brings together leading researchers in this field for an exciting day of talks, posters and discussion. The event is focussed on all kinds of automation in chemistry, including parallel synthesis for medicinal chemistry, high-throughput chemistry, cheminformatics, and physical property measurements. Prof Lee Cronin (Glasgow University) and Prof Alexei Lapkin (Cambridge University) are our plenary speakers, alongside some shorter talks from a mixture of academics and industrial speakers from a variety of lines of work, developing or using automation. Researchers from all levels and backgrounds interested in Automated and Intelligent chemistry are encouraged to attend. 


This meeting brings together experts from both industry and academics/students at all levels, interested in developing or using automation within organic and medicinal chemistry

Automation chemists, high-throughput experimentation chemists
Chemists in pharmaceutical/agrochemical industries, who either use automation themselves or work alongside those that do
Relevant to PhD students and postdocs who are either currently using automation in their work, would like to use it in the future, or intend on moving into the pharmaceutical/agrochemical industries
Chemists interested in artificial intelligence and cheminformatics and its application to synthesis.  


The full programme will be announced in due course.

Confirmed Speakers
  • Prof Lee Cronin, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Luigi da Via, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Dr Rachel Grainger, Astex Pharmaceuticals
  • Dr Becky Greenaway, Imperial College London
  • Prof Alexei Lapkin, Cambridge University
  • Dr Matthew O’Brien, Keele University
  • Dr Simon Yates, AstraZeneca

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  • Edward Balmond, SCI / BenevolentAI Cambridge
  • Nessa Carson, SCI / Syngenta 
  • Sam Dalton, SCI / Astex Pharmaceuticals
  • Alistair Boyer, SCI / University of Glasgow
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