4 September - 5 September 2019

26th Annual SCI-CSCST Conference

Organised by:

SCI's Chinese UK Regional Group and CSCST (Chinese Society of Chemical Science and Technology in the UK)

London, UK

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On behalf of the joint community of SCI’s Chinese UK Regional Group and the Chinese Society of Chemical Science and Technology in the UK (CSCST-UK), it is our pleasure to wish you a warm welcome to the 26th Annual SCI-CSCST Conference at SCI in London.

The long-standing tradition of the SCI-CSCST Conference dates back to when the inaugural conference was organised in 1994. Since then, the CSCST community has continuously grown and further contributed to the various fields of chemical science and engineering in the UK, as well as worldwide. Furthermore, in the 26 years of collaboration with SCI (itself having a rich history dating back to 1881) and foundation of SCI's Chinese UK Group, we also created a platform to enable the development of links between fundamentals and industrial practice and applications, delivering real impact to contribute to the growth of the UK economy. We are very proud of our contribution to the science and engineering sectors.

In the 26th anniversary of this event, we would like to gather and celebrate the successes and achievements of Chinese colleagues in in UK academia and industry, as well as those of their teams, collaborators, and guests.

Early and mid-career researchers; PhD students, research associates, research fellows, research scientists, lecturers, engineers.
Wednesday 4 September
Registration and refreshments
Opening session
Dr Weiping Wu, University of London
Welcome and introduction
Dr Xiaolei Fan, University of Manchester
Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United Kingdom
Sunan Jiang, Minister Counsellor for Science and Technology Affairs
SCI Introduction
Lunch and poster session
Energy harvest and storage session
Chair: Dr Geraint Evans, SCI Energy Group
Chemical engineering and catalysis session
Chair: Dr Zheng Jiang, University of Southampton
Rational design and scalable fabrication of low-dimensional nanomaterials and microbatteries for in-situ electrochemical characterization
Yunlong Zhao, University of Surrey
Multiphysics numerical modelling of photoelectrochemical water splitting
Hao Zhang, Loughborough University
ZnO immobilization on ultra-thin hollowed fiber and ultraviolet photocatalytic decomposition of organic pollutants
Xi Wang, University of Manchester
Enhancing the electrochemical acitivity of proton-exchange membrane fuel cells
Yang Li, University of Birmingham
Coupling non-thermal plasma with Ni catalysts supported on BETA zeolite for catalytic CO2 methanation
Huanhao Chen, University of Manchester
Non-thermal plasma assisted CO2 hydrogenation on ru supported on the MgAl layered double hydroxide
Shanshan Xu, University of Manchester
Microencapsulation of phase change materials for cryogenic energy storage: A atudy into the mechanism of the formulation process
Abdullah Mustapha, University of Birmingham
Dual functional catalytic materials for integrated CO2 capture and utilization process
Hongman Sun, Queen’s University Belfast
Refreshment break and poster session
Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering (FCSE)
Dr Xiaowen Zhu, Editor, FCSE, Tianjian University
UK High Tech Talents Association
Dr Yuqing Gao, Chair of the UK High Tech Talents Association
Group photo session and networking
Conference dinner
New China London
Thursday 5 September
Materials session
Chair: Dr Ruijiao Dong
Environment session
Chair: Dr Xiaolei Fan
Roadmap of employing laboratory research results in industry: Recovery of low concentration methane from nitrogen mixtures
Dr Guoping Hu, University of Melbourne
Dead or alive – airborne particles
Prof Fred Parrett, SCI London Group
Microwave-assisted chelation dealumination and sequential ultrasound intensification of desilication for making hierarchical zeolites
Rongxin Zhang, University of Manchester
Structure sensitivity in catalytic hydrogenation at Pt surfaces
Shaoliang Guan, Harwell XPS Cardiff University
C2H4 and C2H6 adsorption-induced structural changes of pillared-layer CPL-2 MOF
Huan Xiang, University of Manchester
Mesporous and nano carbon materials for photo thermal energy harvest and sea water purification
Fenghau Liu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Electron hopping transport in 2D semiconductor – zinc oxide nanoflakes
James Jian, Shenzhen University
A humidity-controlled dynamic calibration gas sensor system
Yuanhui Cui, Dalian Polytechnic University
Modifications of vermiculite and the applications thereof
Susan Grayeff, SCI London Group
Treatment of high ionic strength waste water
Xiaoxia Ou, University of Manchester, UK
Sequence-defined biopolymers with DNA-like information storage
Ruijiao Dong, Imperial College
Using patents to maximise the value of your chemical inventions
Matthew Wells, Potter Clarkson LLP
Oral and poster presentation awards
Closing session

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14/15 Belgrave Square

Conference Team

Tel: +44 (0)20 7598 1561

Email: conferences@soci.org

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Call for Abstracts
An abstract of maximum one A4 page indicating title, authors and preference for presentation type (oral or poster) should be sent to conferences@soci.org by Friday 2 August 2019 with the subject line "SCI-CSCST 26 - abstract submission". An abstract template can be downloaded here. Oral presentation slots are inevitably limited and will be allocated to achieve a balanced programme.

Exhibition and Sponsorship

An exhibition will take place alongside the conference during refreshment breaks for companies and related organisations who may wish to exhibit. For further information and prices, please email conferences@soci.org. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Organising Committee
  • Dr Weiping Wu, SCI / University of London
  • Dr Xiaolei Fan, SCI / University of Manchester
  • Dr Jiawei Wang, SCI / Aston University
  • Dr Jiang Zheng, SCI / University of Southampton