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Distinguished Service Award

James Nairne receving DSA from Jack Melling

Established 2001

Over the years, large numbers of SCI Members have willingly given their time and energies to help the Society flourish. SCI has many ways in which the efforts of talented and committed volunteers are recognised; one of the most prized is the Distinguished Service Award. Launched in 2001 (the year the United Nations celebrated the International Year of the Volunteer), this award offers a chance to applaud the enthusiasm, hard work and goodwill of longer-serving Members of all component parts of the Society.

Nominated by: Any SCI member, or SCI staff member may make a nomination. Members of the Board, major committees and Groups are particularly invited to do so. Nominees should not be informed that they are being nominated, the process should remain confidential.

SCI e-members are not eligible to be nominated, nor to make a nomination, for a Distinguished Service Award.

Eligibility: Committee service (dates to be checked by the executive) on 1 or more committees deemed to be exceptional by nominator

Application: Nominations can be made via completion of the online application form at the bottom of this page. Nominators should detail the achievements of their nominee in no more than 500 words.

Description of Award: Certificate

Presented at: SCI Conference Day

Frequency: Annual. Normally, a maximum of three DSAs are presented in any one year.

Nomination Opens: 6 January 2020

Nomination Deadline: 09:00 am on 30 March 2020

Selected by: Members of SCI's Membership subcommittee and a member of the Executive team.

Nominators and successful nominees are informed of the decision by mid-May following the nomination assessment.

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