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Society Medals and Lectures

SCI has an awards and medals programme designed to raise awareness of the benefits of the practical application of the molecular science across scientific disciplines and industrial sectors. The programme spans many areas of specialisation and offers recognition to high achievers during their career. Our awards and medals reflect SCI’s charitable objectives by rewarding research excellence that is shaping the future of society through the delivery of practical solutions for public benefit.

Society Award

Early Career Awards

Mid – Late Career (Authority in the field)

Technical Interest Groups

Agrisciences Group

  • Sydney Andrew Medal - more details soon

British Carbon Group

Colloid and Surface Chemistry Group

Construction Materials Group

Electrochemical Technology Group

Food Group

Lipids Group

Macro UK Group

Process Engineering Group

Separation Science and Technology Group

Regional Interest Groups

Bristol and South West Group

Canada International Group

Liverpool and North West Group

Scotland Group

Academic Scientists


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