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Get Involved

Interest Groups

SCI has a number of Technical Interest Groups, providing opportunities for forward-looking people to exchange ideas and gain new perspectives on markets, technologies, strategies and people. Members communicate worldwide through a range of conferences, meetings, papers and informal dialogue. SCI's range of Regional Interest Groups, offer social fellowship with other Members living or working close by, and the opportunity to get involved in worthwhile community-based activity, including projects in local colleges, public debates and popular science lectures. more


SCI's activities are founded on the technical expertise and experience of our volunteer members. The scientific, business, regional and membership stakeholders of SCI gain new and valued perspectives as a benefit from the input of our volunteers. Volunteers can contribute with a variety of tasks: some assume key Committee roles within our Regional and Technical Interest Groups, some mentor other members; others support our Groups and SCI through one-off contributions. Even a small commitment can have a lasting effect upon the Society and its stakeholders. For this reason, we want to make sure that you only do what is manageable for you and what fits around your day to day activities. We work on the basis of 'episodic volunteering', which means that you can do bite-sized bits to support us. Volunteering is your chance to exchange knowledge, network and collaborate with your peers. If you'd like to get involved, let us know how much time you can dedicate and we will find something that works for you, contact us at communications@soci.org.

SCI Ambassadors

SCI Ambassadors promote SCI and its activities through their university or organisation by disseminating information on SCI conferences, travel scholarships and prizes to colleagues, students and other interested parties. Activities provide invaluable support to the strengthening of SCI’s positioning and the achievement of the organisation’s charitable aims of advancing the application of chemistry and related sciences for public benefit. If you would like to become an SCI Ambassador or find out more about this scheme please email: communications@soci.org. more

Mentoring Scheme

SCI is developing an exciting new benefit for SCI Members - the SCI Mentoring Programme - which is designed to match early career members with a mentor who will help them to address specific goals or issues in their career. This new initiative will be of real benefit to SCI Members - mentors and mentees alike - and will contribute to SCI’s strategic mission of supporting members’ careers through training, development and employment opportunities. A pilot scheme is currently underway with a small group of members and is operating under a pilot scheme which is by invitation only. If you are interested in taking part once the full programme is in operation, please email mentoring@soci.org.

Become part of the SCI Governance

Assume a key Committee role within our Regional and Technical Interest Groups and provide your skills and expertise within our Governance Structure. You can also stand for election to posts in our Standing and Sub Committees and on the Board of Trustees. For more information, see our Governance and Structure Section.

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