Established 1950

Message from the Chair

Dr Robin Blake


'World agriculture faces significant challenges to provide food security for the burgeoning population and to provide animal feed, fuel, fibre and many other materials too, from drugs to plastics. There is a clear need to share knowledge across networks founded on scientific rigour, and the SCI Agrisciences Group is well placed to contribute.

'Our stakeholders include those in the science-based agricultural community, the food chain industries, players involved in the bioeconomy, the education sector and the media, and we also welcome interaction with policy formers and regulators, and the public at large.'

Meet the Committee Officers

Dr Jeraime Griffith


Dr Robin Blake


Dr Liliya Serazetdinova


In brief

SCI's Agrisciences Group covers the production, protection and utilisation of crops for food and non-food products. The group is a unique multidisciplinary network involved in all aspects of food security and the bioeconomy. We aim to cover contemporary agricultural science and agribusiness interests.