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Seligman Lecture


Established 1974

The Seligman Lecture is named after the Food Engineer, Scientist and Entrepreneur Dr Richard Seligman (more information). SCI's Food Group is particularly indebted to Dr Seligman and is proud to be closely associated with the Seligman Lecture.

The Lecture is always given on a topic related in some way to food engineering. Other criteria laid down include a stipulation that it must be advertised and open to the public because, like so many aspects of SCI's activities, communicating a positive message of the benefits of applied science is a central concern. The Lecture must not have been previously published and a copy of it should be provided to SCI for it to be included in a Society publication, either printed or electronic.

The Lecture is a popular Awards events, partly because of the scope of the topics discussed which range from food distribution, service and consumption issues to legislation and quality control.

Nominated by: SCI member or committee

Eligibility: Expert in a food engineering subject

Description of Award: Lecture and Certificate

Presented at: A relevant event

Frequency: Not less than every three years

Selected by: Food Group

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