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Uniqsis FlowLab PlusModular flow chemistry system

The Uniqsis FlowLab Plus is a versatile flow chemistry system with a wide choice of high-performance modules to match application needs. Designed around the proven Binary Pump dual channel reagent delivery system, it can be configured to run both manual and automated reactions and may be configured with any combination of up to four individual reactor modules.

By selecting from the HotCoil and HotChip heated reactor modules, and the Polar Bear Plus Flow or Polar Bear Plus GSM cryogenic modules, an operating range from -40°C to 300°C is possible.

The addition of FlowControl II software allows integration with a fraction collector enabling automated reactions from either reagent bottles or automated sample loops for reaction optimisation studies.

The computer, pumps, and heating/cooling modules are connected over a LAN using an Ethernet hub enabling the system to be controlled remotely by Wi-Fi, allowing the control computer to be conveniently operated outside a fume hood.