SCI Themes


From improving crop yield to extending the life of food products and improving their taste and nutrition; agrifood feeds the world.


Sustainable generation of energy is essential to society, and chemistry makes the technologies required possible.


Advancements in resource efficiency and progress towards a circular economy are at the core of sustainable innovation.

Health & Wellbeing

Countering drug resistance, developing new medicines and pioneering treatments such as immunotherapy and CRISPR.


From increasingly efficient solar cells to biodegradable packaging, biocompatible materials to ever-more sustainable building products.


We help to inform government of the needs of science and industry, and vice-versa, through our policy consultation work.

Science & Innovation

Facilitating collaboration between multidisciplinary scientists, investors, lawyers, companies, institutions – the list goes on!


Our members can count on SCI to deliver professional benefits at every stage of their professional lives.