Past Recipients - Henry E Armstrong Memorial Lecture

Year Recipient Lecture
2014 Dr Ian Wilson 'Soft Solids are Hard Work'
2012 Prof John Blacker 'Heads and Tails of the Process Chemistry and Engineering Coin: Steps to Improving Chemical Manufacturing Efficiency'
2011 Dr Claire Adjiman 'Process Design: Don't Take the Molecules for Granted'
1998 B Atkinson 'Biotechnological Process Innovation: Perception, Timeliness and Will'
1994 P N Bartlett 'How Do Robots Smell?'
1993 P H Worsfield 'Environmental Monitoring - The Attraction of Doing in in the Field'
1989 A D Mercer 'Corrosion and the Continuing Need for Research and Education'
1983 D R Miller 'Current and Future Applications of Online Surveillance and Monitoring Systems in the Petroleum Industry'
1979 M M Baizer and D E Danley 'The Discover, Development and Commercialisation of the Electrochemical Adiponitrile Process'
1959 K Winnacker 'Some Technical and Economic Aspects of the Chemical Industry of the German Federal Republic'
1953 R F T Colgate 'Science, Food and People'
1947 Sir Frederick W Keeble 'H E Armstrong - An Impressionist Sketch'
1945 Sir Harold Hartley 'H E Armstrong and the Development of Organic Chemistry'
1941 Dr E. F. Armstrong, F.R.S 'Henry E. Armstrong'

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